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Tori Runs in PA

Pittsburgh RN!

    You had us worried. Blush

     NO WORRIES!!! I never forgot about you guys!! 


    I kept wanting to get on b/c where I left off D2...DAVE...was about to run his first 5K ....and I never got back on to see how it went for him and I kept thinking to myself "self, you need to get on there to check on everyone"...I must not like to listen to myself DOH 


    ......annddd.....I hope that everyone had a nice, safe, healthy Thanksgiving. So sorry I didn't get on to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Please, do forgive me? 



     anddd.....after next Wednesday......... no school until January 7th!! Then it's my final 8 week semester which leads up to March 1 graduation!! I can't wait!! 

    Do or do not, there is no try. 


    My first races EVER! 

    Saxonburg Distance Series 5KRaces: 

    #1: 7-14-2012 Cross Country Crusade 5K: 42:50 

    #2: 8-11-2012 Roebling's Run 5K: 38:54

    #3: 9-8-2012 Festival of the Arts 5K: 36:37



      I read everything but I just worked 11 hours and I'm really tired and hungry.  I need a hug...or a drink!


      See you tomorrow!


      Have a couple of drinks, and you may end up getting a lil more than a hug

      ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

      “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”



        Tori, Tori, Tori, yea!


        Scotty, no I'm not done with shift work, at least not yet. There is a job opening that I am going to bid on, it's straight days, wish me luck.


        Rach, can I come visit when you get settled in? I hope I get the chance to see Alaska one day.


        I ended up with an URD, when I got off work, I just felt like being lazy. Oh, and I'm good with the Suzie thing, that was just very sad for me. I'm such a softy when it comes to this type thing.

        From the Internet.

          Tori!! Glad you made it over! Big grin I haven't read through the whole thread yet, I promise I will get to it Smile Presentation in front of the department at noon today, so it was a busy and stressful day. Went pretty well though. And my reward was a 4 miler this afternoon and homemade pizza and beer for dinner. Relaxing now and catching up on Dexter.

            Mitch- Sending good job mojo!  You need a better schedule!

              ERLH, glad you found the right pace for your run today!  One thing I find is that the faster I get, the more I have to increase my pace in smaller increments.  From where I am now, even 10-20 seconds  difference in pace can feel much different!  So I imagine my quest to get faster will inch along rather than keep going at the pace it has been.  Although we do have some robot alien penguins that improve much more quickly.


                Tori!!  Glad you found us!  I ran a 5k at Thanksgiving, but the course was short, so that was no good.  But I ran another one this past Saturday and took 1st place in my age group with a PR of 20:23. Smile


                They just posted the pictures from the race, got my first floater! Cool




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