Beginners and Beyond


I got reported at RWOL (Read 701 times)


    Buelligan?!?! Where's your Hasselhoff pic?



    Bless your heart.


    Warrior Princess

      We can curse here?


      I like this place already!


        Yes.  No word filters.  Outright hate speech and personal attacks are frowned upon.


        Words are words.



        never runs the tangents

          I wonder if S*S is going to miss us and come over here just shit in her hand and throw it at us.

          “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who

            I decided to go out in style over at that other site and truly nuke my membershipClown . By posting a bunch of pics of the finger in a certain position. I think that's why they came in Sunday morning.

            Shoot....  I even had Johnny Cash agreeing with me.


            Squidward Bike Rider

              Hey, watch your fucking language, you people!  Big grin


                All these F bombs... it feels like home! <3

                Now if you all start criticizing me while dropping these F bombs, it'll feel like a real marriage. Smile

                Do you even run?


                  Buelligan?!?! Where's your Hasselhoff pic?


                  My toga blew off.