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Saturday Penguins like to sleep in late! (Read 203 times)

    I see what you did here Dave.  You really really really don't want to put up those Christmas decorations do you?  Seriously, the most insane form of procrastination I've ever seen. 


    Seriously though, that is an awesome marathon time.  You did this as a training run?  After running for what? a year?  WHOA!!!


    AFM - 15 days 86 miles


    Damn, they're on to me! lol I am a pretty bad procrastinator for real tho.  Thanks!  Yup, decided to just see what it would feel like, my previous LR was 20 miles, I gotta tell ya, those last few miles are no joke.  This is my 9th month of running. Smile 


    Great job on the streak! Big grin


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    Hey Doc

    Feets don't fail me now

      Jeeze, Dave, you are awesome.  If we combined you and Heidi, we'd have the most intense, motivated running machine ever! LOL

        Jeeze, Dave, you are awesome.  If we combined you and Heidi, we'd have the most intense, motivated running machine ever! LOL


        Thanks Liz!  We'd be like the wonder twins! LOL


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          I had so much fun at fleet feet!! Ended up with the Saucony proglide echelon 3!! And I can't use them until Christmas!

          Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!

            Kristi, I love Fleet Feet, you should convince DH you need to take them for a test run and make sure they're okay so you don't have to exchange them. Dave, you and awood are insane! Lol. I got a 10 mile LR in today in the hot azz weather Jimmy and Traci mentioned, and to be honest, don't know how I did it after a 68 hour work week.

            Team TJ

              No running today but we did just finish 4 miles walking around the island looking at Christmas lights...or the lack of....

              Running for TJ because he can't.


              Bad Ass

                I ended up with a URD.  Migraine is just going away and now it's too late for me to run, sigh.


                Dtothe2nd, great job.  Recover!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                  Dave rocks!  And on a streak, no less!


                  Jerry- We're so close to the same place in our running, it's funny.  My first 30 mile week was last week.  Good job with the miles today!


                  Mickey- Sounds like a gorgeous run!  Good for you!


                  Cherie- Good luck tomorrow!


                  Margo- Speaking of being in a similar place, it looks like our first HMs are close to the same time, plus I ran just about the same distance on my LR today!


                  Kristi- Congrats on the new shoes!


                  AFM, I ran 8.6 today.  I went out for 8 but it felt like it took me forever to warm up, plus I've been at 8 for so long I almost felt like I had a mental block about it, so I decided to keep going just a tad farther.  Part of my route was flooded, so I hit ankle-deep water (with current!) about two miles in, yuk!  I managed to change things up enough on the way back so that I didn't get quite as wet.

                    Hog4life- I would love to but I make him wait up have his presents until Christmas so I better follow my own rules!

                    Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!

                    Bin Running

                      Jack, Can't really see on my ageing eyes.. But I can imagine.. Hulk Hogan playing the drum..


                      Cherie, Good luck with the HM.


                      Dave, Good job.. In fact much more than good.. Awesome consider the fact that you are only running this year..

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