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It's Thursday, and a Penguin and a runner walk into a bar.... (Read 280 times)


Fast Penquin

    Bill, welcome and enjoy the RD you deserve it after the 3 yesterday!

    Tick: I'm sure millions of viewers out there are just wondering what it's like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it's tingly and it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done and, oh, the job of it.


      Yay Kara is here! Hello everyone. I did 4 yesterday after 6 days off for ITB. Went well but today it hurts again. Ugh. Sadly on a plane about to fly out for a funeral. No running today or tomo.





      Barking Mad To Run

        How do I get my avatar onto this forum.  I've been trying to select some photos and put those onto my profile page, but it does not seem to update onto this forum for me.

        "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


        Barking Mad To Run

          Never mind...I figured out the avatar thingy....

          "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


          Barking Mad To Run

            Thanks for starting us off, Gustav.   LOL on the joke.


            Only 3 miles for you, Damaris?  Are you not feeling well? Wink


            Good luck with your miles later, Tomas, if you get them in.


            Kristin, hope you feel better!


            Well, bin, at least you got some miles in today.


            Ugg, shift work.  Good luck with your new hours, Jimmy. Sorry about the leg hurting.


            Happy biking, Jen!


            Congrats to your brother, Kara.  Enjoy your rest day.


            Welcome to The Colony, Bill.


            Nice running in that weather, Brady.   I can relate to those temps now...and I must say I am glad to be back in San Antonio and out of that kind of weather!   Happy training for your half.  BTW, what is the biggest 10K in CT? 


            So sorry about the ITB acting up again, Traci. And sorry for your loss too.  Safe trip.

            "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

              Good morning everyone!


              Welcome Bill!


              I have several errands to do after work but hopefully I'll get them done quickly enough to get in another 3 easy miles tonight.  I'm hoping this run goes better than Tuesday's run.  I'll be back later for a few personals.



              “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” John Burroughs

              Jack K.

              uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                Hi Pens...


                Last night I wanted to give the ITB a good test so I ran four hard miles with about six longs strides built in.  I ended up with an 8:13 average pace and more importantly, the ITB feels pretty good. I "felt" it at times, but it did not actually hurt so I ran through it.  Three easy miles on tap for today, rest day tomorrow, and 5k race Saturday (with fun socks for Steph). Unfortunately, it is now raining here and the course is 90% dirt and trails. If the officials deem the course too muddy or hazardous, they move it to what they call the "rain course" which is more asphalt, shorter distance, and none of the big hills. I hope they don't switch it. I read all of your goings on, but I need to scat. I will try for personal later. Have a great day.

                From the Internet.

                  Morning colony! Busy day for me, meeting shortly (need to go find me some coffee first), fitting in a run this afternoon. Bit stiff from last night's leg workout so I'm looking forward to shaking out my legs, trying out my new tights and busting out some new shoes for good measure Big grin 


                  Did I mention that I love pink? Because I do.


                  Fast Penquin

                    Scotty I am not sure what the biggest 10K is in CT, but the Amica Iron Horse in Simsbury has a Half and 5K associated with it so that could be pretty good sized.  Also there is the Nutmeg State 10K.  Probably the largest single race in CT is the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving (15K people, 4.75 miles).  If you find a race up here I will run it with you Smile

                    Tick: I'm sure millions of viewers out there are just wondering what it's like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it's tingly and it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done and, oh, the job of it.

                    Singer who doesn't run.

                      Morning, y'all!!  SRD for me today with chorus tonight, although the way we do singing that might count as 2 hours of cardio!  Anyway, I have a department potluck lunch today too, woo-hoo!


                      Welcome, Bill!!


                      Scotty, laughing at your deer encounter!  They definitely missed you!


                      Lauren, cool shoes!!

                      When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.


                        Good morning everyone!!!


                        Gustav, thanks for starting us off, and for the laugh. Smile


                        Damaris, go for 3 and still call it a rest day, that's what I did today lol


                        Jerry, enjoy the rest!


                        Tomas, I agree with Kara, always take those moments when you can, they grow up too quick!


                        Kristin, hope you feel better and can get your run in this week. Don't fear the TM, I don't like 'em, but they're not too bad. Before you go, figure out the pace you want to run at, so you can calculate the mph you need on the TM.


                        Bin, good job on the run, it's cool when you can literally run to get something. Smile


                        Jimmy, hope you can get your run in, sucks about the shift change, I don't miss shift work at all.


                        Jen, glad you had a good run. Smile


                        Kara, enjoy the rest, that's great about your brother's film! What's it about?


                        Scotty, you might want to change your aftershave, apparently the deer really like it! lol


                        Bill, glad you made it over here, good job yesterday, enjoy the rest today. Smile


                        Brady, the weather can be weird sometimes, this morning was only 30*, it felt like the coldest run I've done, but I've run when it was colder. I'd pay $12 for a timed half, even without the swag, that's a great deal. Good luck!


                        Traci, sorry to hear the ITB is still hurting, hope that gets better soon! Even more sorry to hear about the funeral.


                        Steph, hope you have a good run later, I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Smile


                        Jack, nice job on the run, glad the ITB is doing good.


                        Lauren, yay for new shoes! Smile



                        AFM, SRD, so I went out for 2.58 miles :P lol I'm doing the holiday streak, but one mile just didn't seem worth it, so I did two laps around the lake. It was supposed to be nice and slow, so it would still be like a rest day, but it's really hard to run slow when it's so cold out, ended up with a 7:27/mile average pace, wth? LOL


                        Hope everyone has a great day!!!


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                          HM, you snuck in on me while I was copy/pasting/editing Smile  Enjoy your rest and chorus practice!


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                          Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

                          Bin Running

                            Gustav, Thanks for starting.. and I am in that shoes of searching for satellites.. haa

                            Damaris, Enjoy the RD..

                            Jerry, you shld jump in and offer DW a massage..

                            Tomas, Good way to start a day..

                            Kristin, Listen to your body.. Always worked for me.. Get those sleep.

                            Jen, Congrats on running well on TM.

                            Kara, Congrats to your bro and the other secret news too.

                            Scotty, I think the deer missed you too.. Happy clearing those emails.

                            Bill, Welcome.. Again..

                            Brady, $12 for a HM.. what a steal! Happy training..

                            Traci, Take time to rest the ITB.. Sorry abt the funeral.

                            Steph, Hope you get the 3M in later..

                            Jack, Think what you are doing to the ITB is helping.. Continue to do that and we will have a fast penguin soon.

                            Lauren, Nice shoes..I was just thinking that we have lesser photos here.. And you came to the rescue with some shoe porn.

                            Hope'smom, Enjoy the potluck.. What did you bring?

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                            Bin Running

                              Dave, you sneaked in..7:27?! what have you been eating?

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                              I AM running!!!

                                Morning my new penguin friends!


                                Thanks for the chuckle Gustav Big grin


                                Yesterday I planned to do 5 miles. When I reached 2.5, I felt okay so I went a little further and ended up with 5.8! Feel good today but I’m sticking to the plan, 3 miles today.


                                Have a great day everybody!



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