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Strides for Education 5k RR (Read 139 times)

andrew jerald

    First mile: All the big dogs were there so I lined up behind them. Most of them usually run low 19's so I figured I would follow until I couldn't hang anymore. Well off we went I was running about 9th place in the first quarter mile or so, but passed to runners who sprinted past me by the 1/2 mile marker. The next runner was a good 90ft in front of me but I was pretty determined to pass him. About .75 I ended up passing him on the grass but I was hurting pretty bad. First mile clicked at 6:20 on the Garmin.




    Second mile: Well we came up to another main street made a turn and kept running down a pretty busy road on the side walk. I ended up slowing down this mile but I knew it would happen. The runners in front of me started to disappear with the single runner right behind me. I ended up seeing the second mile marker with clicked 6:39.



    Third mile: We turned into the park and I came up to T road, and nobody was in sight. I kind of slowed down and waited for the runner behind me to determine which way we should go. We ended up turning left which was the right way. Well after that we came up to another 3 way road. Well we went right instead of going straight. So right about now I'm running at tempo speed just pretty much lost with a few other runners. A friend of mine yelled me name and we talked about turning around. So we ended up running across a fire path in the thick sand, crossing a pretty bad ditch and we see the finish line. We pretty much came across the parking lot not on the right course but we knew that already. I look back and see a few kids behind me and knew if I didn't sprint they would pass me. So I had a really good kick left at the end.


    Garmin said 3.75 miles and finally time was 26:27 about that. Still finish 9th overall and 2nd in a/g.






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      I have taken wrong turns and nothing irritates the shit out of me more than a poorly marked course.  There should be no question in a runner's mind.  I marked a course once and you'd have thought it was a landing strip.

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        I have to agree, I HATE a poorly marked course. You don't seem too upset, good for you.

        Barking Mad To Run

          poorly marked courses suck.  Glad you went the right way.  Congrats on your race and your AG award.

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            Ugh- I'd take a short or long course over a mystery course any day.  It sounded like it was shaping up to be a good run for you, sorry this happened!

            andrew jerald

              The mystery course didn't bother me to much, especially since this was my first real race back after many months. I just considered it a good training run.

                That's super frustrating about the badly marked course, but you sound thrilled with your race/effort, which is what matters.  9th OA is awesome!  Congrats on a great race and I'm glad you are able to be back out there doing what you love to do.

                Bad Ass

                  I read it in RWOL.  Frustrating to say the least, ugh.



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                    WTF with the poorly marked course? I hope you at least beat those 2 kids in blue.


                      So sorry! How disappointing for you! But congrats on placing 2nd in your AG!

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                      andrew jerald

                        WTF with the poorly marked course? I hope you at least beat those 2 kids in blue.


                        Of course I did! After I finish I did the "I won dance" just for them. Smile This is the second time it has happen to me.