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    My garmin is acting up on me. Three times now the screen has been blank and so far it's worked to reset it - well try to reset it, curse, then try again and eventually it resets. Of course it's a one year warranty and I bought it in Sept 2011. This is my second garmin. The first one lasted about a year and a half.


    Am I just rough on these things or is this a normal life span for a garmin watch?

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      Mine is 4 years old and going strong.


        I've had mine for 5 years, and aside from the fact that I am constantly messing up with the functions and thus not getting the data I want because I'm too stupid to set it correctly, it still works fine. But I only use it when I race. Rarely in training. On the other hand, I'm on my second TM in 4 years and I will soon need another one. I seem to burn the motor of all the machines I buy. grrr...

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          BTW, a garmin isn't a nice thing. It's an electronic thing, therefore, it is evil. My collection of running skirts, otoh, is a nice thing. Big grin

          PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                  Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

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            BTW, a garmin isn't a nice thing. It's an electronic thing, therefore, it is evil. My collection of running skirts, otoh, is a nice thing. Big grin


            I agree with miss Lily. =)



            aponi, I'm very sorry that your Garmin is being poopy. I hope it fixes itself. =(

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              Sounds like you got a bum device. I know it's out of warranty, but you could try contacting the company and see what they say. They may be willing to work with you in the name of customer service.

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                I had this problem once with mine.  I googled it and found different ways to restart it.  One finally worked.  In the process, I read that many people had called Garmin and they would sell them a refurbished one for cheap since they had problems. Might be worth a try.

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                    It's almost the luck of the draw.

                    I had a garmin 205 that lasted about 3 years.  I had to pop it open and reset the contacts (don't you just love the things you can find on the internet?) but it worked fine until the battery went completly dead.  I got a new 210, and alos sent the old 205 back and got a referb for $70.  The 210 was about 2 months old when it went dead.  Sent it back and started using the refurb 205.  It lasted one week and it went dead.  Sent it back and was without a gps watch for a week.  Used my droid and a garmin app for a few days until the new (refurb) 210 can back.  Been using it since - about 6 months.  Also got back another refurb 205 and carry it around in my bag just in case.  Love my garmin, but when they go bad, they go quick.


                      Have you tried a hard reset? I've had to do that to mine before. I looked it up on Google.


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                        I tried hard and soft resets to no end.  Sent it back in even though a bit past warranty period, refurb one is headed my way.


                        I never downloaded any data just recorded on the webz training log.  I wonder if that somehow caused some issues.

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                          I have a 205 that's at least 5 years old and have never had a problem. I almost wish that sucker would die so I could justify buying a new one.

                            My 305 lasted about two years. I bought a 10 a few months ago. I don't love it, but it'll do until I have some money to get a better one.


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                              It was working fine this morning but 3 times now I've had to do a hard reset. Last week one of my runs didn't save so the next day it added that milege to the other run. I'm way too anal to deal with that so I fixed it on my training log. I am going to keep nursing it along until it totally dies which will no doubt happen the morning of a big race.


                              DH has accused me of wrecking the thing so I can justify getting a new one especially since I found one in pink on amazon.

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                                My 405 lasted a little over 2 years before it started having problems with its battery.  Mainly, that the watch wasn't communicating with the battery properly, so it constantly thought it was at 100% battery life, and wouldn't charge up because it thought it was full.  The only way I could get the thing to charge was to deliberately drain it to 0 after every run, and when the battery was completely empty, it would register as empty and charge up.


                                After about a year of fighting with it, and the battery life getting progressively worse, I got a new 410 last summer which has been acting fine since I got it.


                                My husband's 405 is six months older than my first watch, and he is still using it now.  It's just about 4 years old now.  It lasts noticeably less time than my 405, which I attribute to battery age, but still lasts at least 6 hours which is as much as he needs for anything.  Though, I think I'm going to buy him a 910 for a combination Valentine's day/birthday gift, since he's really into triathlons now Smile

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