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    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc.. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RA). We're all a little crazy here, too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up, and stay awhile (not literally!) And whoever is up first is welcome to start the thread and we definitely keep some weird hours around here.

      Except for push-ups and ab work, today is a URD. I have to move 3.0 miles at a recovery pace to tomorrow night. I've already done the push-ups. I'll do the ab work in about fifteen minutes.


        I'm going to try the treadmill again today.  We'll see how that goes.


        In the meantime, here's your Friday coffee:


        Do you even run?



          Supp girls!


          I am completely indifferent at the moment.  Need to work on that....



          or maybe I don't.  Smile


            Supp girls!


            I am completely indifferent at the moment.  Need to work on that....



            or maybe I don't.  Smile


            I counter your indifference with:


            Do you even run?


              Mornin' Kids!


              5 miles in the fog this morning, and I had to wear arm panties.



              Have a fantabulous day everyone!



                5 miles in the fog this morning, and I had to wear arm panties.


                Those are by far the coolest thing to wear when running.  It may be all in my head but, I feel fast when I wear them!



                  Morning Crazy Cat People! Easy 5.4m miles this morning. Legs feeling really good today after yesterday's tempo run. Group run tomorrow which they are calling a Smorgasbord Run. You make the run whatever you want kind of thing. Prizes too. Interested to see what this is all about. Good luck to Damaris racing this weekend.

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                  Up Next:


                  Bad Ass

                    Somebody called, was that jedi?????


                    Morning!  6 recovery miles later tonight.  I have a deposition for most of the day but at lunch, I'm planning on heading to the huge ING expo to get my packet so I don't have to go tomorrow with thousands of others.  I am not pleased at the $15-25 parking for 15 minutes but there is no other choice.  And that's cheap.


                    To top up this boo day, somebody brought donuts at the office and I won't be there until around 3pm.  Boo.


                    Have a nice day!  Love the kitties.  I have one of my own.



                    Or this one.


                    Hope they brought joy to your day.  Well, except for Grumpy.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      flarunner, great job running five so early.


                      jedigunnie26.2, excellent 5.4. Tomorrow sounds like fun!


                      Damaris, enjoy your recovery run. I hope that your day has I little, if any, stress.


                      Push-ups and ab work are done. I'm frustrated that I had to move the 3.0 to tomorrow.

                      Mostly harmless

                        Good morning!


                        I have a 5 mile recovery run on the calendar today that I'll take very slow.  My second 20 miler of this cycle is tomorrow morning.  With snow in the forecast I might have to run those in my neighborhood instead of on my favorite trail.  I'm not really enjoying that idea very much but oh well.


                        I'll see your grumpy cat and raise you a grumpy dog.


                        "It doesn’t matter how often you do it or how much you accomplish, in general, not running is a lot easier than running." - Meb Keflezighi


                          Buenos Dias Amigos y Amigas!!


                          It’s about time Friday got here!!!   My Thursday was like 4 weeks long and I’m ready for the weekend!!


                          Basya – Hope you had to move your recovery run because of something fun and not because of an injury.   Nice work banging out the push ups and sit ups!


                          Kay – As always, thanks for the coffee!  I hope that your run goes well!   Stay conservative as you come back from your foot issue.


                          LRB – I hope you have a great day with whatever you decide to do!


                          Flarunner – It’s foggy here this morning too.   Good for you for running in that!


                          Jedi – Your group run tomorrow sounds interesting.   Good luck!


                          Damaris – Enjoy your recovery miles tonight!   Hope the packet pick-up goes smoothly!


                          It's SRD for me - dinner with my MIL tonight.


                          Happy Friday - hope it's a short one that goes by quickly for all of you!   And, may your next run melt all of your stress away!!


                          - Sarah

                          But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                            ImNotScott - you snuck in on me!   Enjoy your run tonight and I hope that your 20 mile run tomorrow goes easily!!

                            But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                              14 miles tonight.  Looks like I might have a PB month this month if I run all my planned runs from here on out: happy about that!


                                All these grumpy animals - I have a grumpy little boy at home. Fever made him miss a magic show at school yesterday, and since it is still 102*, he's missing out on a swimming outing today and probably a birthday party tomorrow. Which also means I'm missing my runs - no home TM and DH is out of town. I'll take today as a RD, and then maybe tomorrow being motivated to run up and my stairway a few dozen times and do core work.


                                Off to drink coffee and prepare for day of hanging with the munchkin - if I want to limit TV, I'll need to have my reading voice ready. Magic Tree House and My Friend Flicka, here we come.