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Race Report and Photos: Shiner Beer Run. (Read 170 times)


Barking Mad To Run

    On Sunday, December 16, 2012, I participated in the Shiner Beer Run in Shiner, Texas.  Link to my report and photos on this event is below.



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      72 races so far in one year and a good race time in this one while taking photos.  You rock Scotty!

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        72!! Amazing. Very nice time too!


        Skirt Runner

          I commented over on the other place, but again, great RR! Enjoyable as always

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            Congrats on another great one Scotty.

            Shakedown Street

              I so wanted to do the HM after having the flu for the Dallas HM last weekend, but could not get down there.


              Man, that would have been a fun race!

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                Scotty, it's obvious that running just fuels your real passion for photography. I enjoyed your RR and photos. Congratulations on No. 72!

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                  Sounds like a good run to add to the yearly calendar!  Glad that Gail was able to come thorough with the shirt and that you got to carry your message through this race too.


                  Smaller By The Day

                    Is it bad that I just looked at the pictures? 


                    Congrats on another race Scotty!  I like your style.


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                      Great report and pictures, Scotty.  Congratulations on your 72nd race of the year!  The Swed tee with Gails additions looks great, and that huge Shiny Bock beer balloon was awesome! 


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