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Localish NJ runners - registration for Paulette's 5k is open! (Read 119 times)

    I'm not sure if Paulette has come over to RA yet, but those of you who know her (her screen name is kayano) from RWOL BF know how amazing and wonderful she is.


    This year, the 5k is on April 21st, which is usually great weather for Central Jersey. I had a super time last year meeting some BF people and got a 5k PR on a great and not too tough course.


    Registration link is here.


      Thanks for the link, Amy.  I'm interested, although my participation will depend on which half I decide to run.  It's on my radar though.

      Do you even run?


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        Thanks for posting...just a heads up, there is a NY/NJ user group here with a good number of NJ people on it.  Might be a good idea to post there as well.

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          Thanks! I will keep it on my radar. Trying to put together a spring race schedule and there was originally another race I wanted to run that day down in MD by where my boyfriend lives. But if that doesn't work out or fit into his schedule I will do this instead!

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            I have family in NJ and have been thinking about going back for a spring visit. So if the timing works out, and my ITband/knee are rehabbing nicely, I'd like to do it. I almost went last year, the pics and RR made it look fun.