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Another Week, Another Set o'SUNDAILIES (Read 52 times)

    Pae - very nice run.  Do you ever have to duck orbiting satellites up there?

    Better I Leave

      Hey thanks all...Yeah, I'll be OK. I'm gonna call a "friend" in the local LEO to have a talk with the owner. I don't want the dog put down...I blame the owner more than I do the dog, ya know? I'll be fine, but spaniel's post convinced me to call...cuz it could've been a child, right? As for me...

      **channels Monty Python**

      "It's only a flesh wound!!!"

      Big grin

        Better late than never....


        Nice runs out there today folk! And PGD, do file a report. I was bit 18 months ago and called animal control. The dog had to to quarantined for two weeks and rabies tested. I realize it might not be the dog's fault but a dog that bite is not cool either.


        15.2 easy pace for me. Legs are a little tired.