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Can someone help me with terminology? (Read 178 times)

Hey Doc

Feets don't fail me now

    There used to be a sticky on RWOL but I wasn't ready to understand which paces were which when I first started and I went back and couldn't find it.


    What is the definition of a tempo run? 


    As I understand it, your long run should be easy pace so you should be able to converse.


    What is the run called where you are working hard but not terribly uncomfortable - probably can't chat but aren't running hard/hard.


    Is the run called where you're running really hard an interval?  shorter distances etc.


    How long are your moderate runs, usually?  I guess percentage wise of your long run.



    thanks!  There are some really great posts on the running forums and I'm feeling really learny.    

    Good Grief!

      I hate to post a link back to RW, but I think this is what you want.


      Of even more usefulness is the link there to late Jim2's website now copied to hillrunner's site, which also has tons of good info.

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      Hey Doc

      Feets don't fail me now

        George!  Thank you!  That is what I was looking for.

          I have it saved to my web space if you don't want to go over to RWOL:

          Hey Doc

          Feets don't fail me now

            Oh, great - thanks Jenny!


              Speaking of.  There were some really good threads on RWOL.  They aren't going anywhere (except for the ones they accidentally nuked).


              A really motivated person might collect them into a "Best of RWOL" post here as a set of links.  Then everyone can find them.


              I do not happen to be so motivated.


                Oh, great - thanks Jenny!


                You're welcome.  I think the one on Jim's site got truncated, plus this one has the internal hyperlinks.  Otherwise, I do of course recommend visiting Jim's site!

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                  I have it saved to my web space if you don't want to go over to RWOL:


                  I'm going to copy paste it into a thread and maybe have it stickied.



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