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Bad Ass

    Part of my route goes through Tony Roma's.  Sigh.

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      When I started training for my first 5K it was during the heat of August, and I had to change my original run route because no joke it passed a Hagen Das, a Carvel, a Cold Stone, and 2 local ice cream places. On a hot summers day the temptation to run into one of the 5 ice cream places I ran passed and consume 3x's as many calories as my run burned was SO TEMPTING!!!

      PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:21:47 (10/12/13)


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      Shakedown Street

        Part of my route goes through Tony Roma's.  Sigh.


        I thought you did not do meat?

        Started-5/12, RWOL refugee,5k-24:23 (1/12/13),10K-55:37(9/15/12),HM-1:52:59(3/24/13)

          Part of my route goes through Tony Roma's.  Sigh.


          Love the ribs!

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          Hot Chocolate 5K Chicago November 4, 2012 30:17

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          Penguin in the Park 5K Decatur Illinois March 23,2013 27:08