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December Goals (Read 449 times)

    1. Stay Healthy

    2. keep on track with marathon training.

    3. 140 miles.

    4. Hope the world isnt over this month.

    5. Watch Kay bring sexy back Wink




    151 miles

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      1. Stay injury free

      2. Run every day (holiday streak)

      3. Run 250+ miles for the month

      4. Sub-20 5k

      5. Get under 185lbs (been slacking)


      1. Done! (and really the only goal I truly care about)

      2. Not quite, went for 30 days straight tho.

      3. Again, not quite, but did get a new PR of 222.4 miles

      4. Almost there, did get two AG wins, very happy with those.  As soon as I get my pacing under control, I'll get my sub-20.

      5. Done!  New low as of today, 183lbs!


      Overall a very good month and a great end to a fantastic year. Smile


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      Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!


        1. Yes, just. Did intervals last week for the first time in months.

        2. Made big improvements with this - Yay!

        3. No, failed. I think I gained a kilo :-(

        4. Yes, done.


        1. Re-introduce speedwork to train for my series of 3 10ks in Jan/Feb/March.
        2. Get on top of my piriformis niggle.
        3. Lose a few kilos rather than gain a few!
        4. Run 4 days/week consistently.



        "It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves."

        ~ Sir Edmund Hillary


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          Dang - I meant to quote myself and I ended up modifying my original post instead. Oh well, the information's there for the curious.

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            1. No injuries! For real this time! Shin splints are virtually gone thanks to some aggressive rehab and strengthening and I want it to stay that way.


            2. What with the shin splints and all I'm hesitant to set a serious mileage goal in case that makes me push too hard and have another setback, so I'll just say that I'd like to run at least as many miles as I ran in November (49). If I keep up with 4 days/week that's an average of 2.72 miles/run, so totally doable even if I take a couple days off.


            3. Run ALL easy miles. Every damn one of them.


            4. Stealing one of Sugnim's - don't be too friggin' lazy to stretch. I always pay for it after when I don't.


            5. Oh, and pie. Eat plenty of pie.


            1. Fail


            2. Fail


            3. Also fail.


            4. I did this one! Big grin


            5. I did, in fact, eat plenty of pie. 2/5, not so bad.


              1. Stay injury free

              2. run 20 miles in one week for the 1st time

              3. run 70 miles in one month for the 1st time

              4. post something here instead of lurking 100% of the time


              1.  Not so sure - have some sort of knee pain in the past week. May be nothing - may be something...

              2.  Done

              3.  Done

              4.  Umm....not very much posting by me.  Still primarily a lurker.


                Met them all.  Woohoo! 


                December goals: 

                1.  Continue building miles.

                2.  Set some MPW personal bests

                3.  Stay healthy

                4.  If I am feeling healthy, start doing some speed work in preparation for a possible fitness check 10K in early January.

                Bin Running

                  1. Injuries free


                  2. Sub 2hrs HM


                  1. Yes..

                  2. Missed by 2min +... Well... new target for 2013..

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                  2XU HM - 29 Mar


                    1. Stay on my base-building schedule.

                    2. 75 miles in Dec.


                    Huh.  I actually did it.  I stayed on program, and I had 79.2 miles.