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Miles Game NAG List 26Mar2014 (Read 13 times)


Run Lanie, Run!

    <caption>Missing Runners</caption>
    UsernameMissing Weeks
    EatsFood (4midable) 2
    waterskimmer (4midable) 1
    jeffbrig (Corredores) 1
    wcrunner (Corredores) 1
    kentuckian (Free Agents) 1
    Pragmatic Runner (Free Agents) 1
    Cyrus12 (Happy Feet) 1
    rpflash100 (Happy Feet) 1
    scotpiper (Happy Feet) 1
    tarepanda (Happy Feet) 1
    Bin Running (Hillkillers) 1
    Nakedbabytoes (Hillkillers) 2
    russalka (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    dwalter (Luckylegs) 1
    huenix (Luckylegs) 3
    Jay.D. (Luckylegs) 1
    Othlasgn (Luckylegs) 1
    Jack Klompus (M.R.T.) 1
    Tony Mollica (M.R.T.) 1
    bunk60 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    Kristin79 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    lilredfiat (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    RunJZ (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    SunrisenMelody (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    Sunshine7388 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    MIRIch (Pavement Pounders) 1
    glasspak11 (Phoenix Rising) 1
    I'vegotthis (Phoenix Rising) 3
    bluerun (Sole Train) 1
    Jblackjr (Sole Train) 1
    rmgreenesq (Sole Train) 3

    Barking Mad To Run

      I see I am now on 'Team Available', lol.


      I'm hoping I get lucky and get put on Team Happy  I can 'chase' my buddy SheCan....

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt