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Do you untie your running shoes before you take them off? (Read 345 times)

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    Maybe we should start on a thread on whether or not you tie your shorts.  (for the record, I do) 



      And one decision to click on a thread and then type in a response complaining about people wasting their time clicking on a thread and typing in a response.


      Something you yourself have never done.


      Which, btw, what I wrote and your interpretation thereof?  Different.  You made it into an asshole-ism, which was not my intention.  I did not complain (I observed and was surprised), I did not say that people wasted their time (you completely made that up).


      You freakishly over-read what I wrote.  Surprise.



        I untie my running shoes, but kick off my work shoes....


        When I used to use both eyelets at the top of the shoe I couldn't kick them off without applying an awful lot of force.  Now that I use just one eyelet I think i could pretty easily if I wanted to.  And I have very high arches.

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          FWIW I always untie mine before taking them off. I find it easier to get them off and I'd have to untie them anyway to get them back on.


          I read the thread mainly to see what kinds of remarks people would make. They aren't quite as entertaining as those in the "How should I breathe?" threads.

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            Here's some excitement for you-  my shoes don't have laces!  They're stretchy.  I slip them on.  I slip them off.  That's it.

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              I dont....


              I have a habit of not untying any of my shoes before I take them off, even though I then untie them to put them away in their boxes


              Wait... You put them back in their box after you run? Like, the original box they came in? LOL.

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                Every time.

                  I tie my shoes too tight to slip off, so I have to untie them.

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                    Sometimes I'll untie one, but not the other.





                      I did not untie my shoes after today's marathon.  It would have been a waste of time.



                        I like to untie them, because it's much better for the shoes (it's one of those things that I just KNOW I'm right about and no one is going to convince me otherwise. Big grin). But I also double-knot and sometimes, I have a hard time undoing the double-knot, like after today's LR. So rather than just collapsing with my head down because I'm dizzy and exhausted, I just pull the shoe off untied. And I feel guilty about it. That said, I'm not OCD like some here who like to put their shoes back in the box (I won't name names Big grin), I throw the shoes on top of a huge pile of other shoes, in the garage. They are all my shoes of the moment, different colors, different models, so that I don't get mixed up. I used to be very organized, but now, I don't have time for all that useless trouble.


                        But... like SRL hinted at (or not), it really is sort of useless info. I feel silly now that I wasted my time writing this, and I'm laughing at the idea that some people will actually read it. Big grin

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                          I always untie my shoes, if they are not already untied, before I put them on.


                          I found my shoes sometimes are untied, other times are not before putting them on. So i guess sometimes I do untie them before taking them off and sometime I don't.