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Vegan Ang

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    Now you guys have made me want to get another dog just so I can name it Garmin.





    Peace out!

      Hey, Brenda, welcome aboard!


      5k -    22:39      12/11     10k -  49:10      11/11

      20k -  1:56:56    9/12      13.1 - 1:54:07    3/12

      30k -   3:05:54   9/12      26.2 -  5:00:27 10/12

      delicate flower

        Hiya, Brenda!  Welcome!  We have a few similarities.  I quit alcohol and started eating right in Feb 2011 and promptly lost 50 pounds.  I'm also a fellow DINK.  We seem to be a rare breed these days.  Big grin 


        Way to brush yourself off after the fall yesterday!  Falls happen.  You get up, take inventory, and move on.  Nice work. 



          Wow, Brenda - you have come so incredibly far!  I am in awe!  I love that fall on your butt, but keep going story...that was your "aha" moment.  Very cool!  Welcome and I'm glad you de-lurked!

          Boss of the Mangoes

            Hi there, Brenda!  Glad you decided to make an appearance.  Welcome!  : )

            "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau


            Better than all of you

              Hi everyone!


              I have been lurking on RWOL and learning from you folks for months! After the “crash”, I followed you here, creepy! Seems most of you are sticking around RA, so I decided to come out of hiding.  I’m a new runner so I have no wisdom to share, just a lot more to learn. I will probably lurk more than I post Big grin.


              My story. Married for 16 years, no kids. I have asked Santa for a dog and a Garmin. Learned about that little gadget (not the dog)  Blush while lurking!


              Beware. I ramble, my spelling is horrible and I miss stuff even if I proofread, so feel free to stop now! Wink  


              January 5, 2009, I smoked my last cigarette after smoking for 27 years (you can figure out my age by the numerical hint in my title). I quit several times over the years but this time was different. I hated smoking. I hated “needing a cigarette”. I reminded myself that there was a time in my life that I didn’t smoke. I thought about non-smokers, like my husband, who were able to cope without a cigarette and figured that if they can do it, I can too. I went cold turkey. Sometimes I still can’t believe it, but I have not craved a cigarette since quitting. I like it.


              I have always been physically active, even as a smoker. I was never a runner but went to the gym 4-5 times a week and could walk long and slow on the treadmill! I told myself even though I smoke, I’m in better shape than some people are at my age! Ha, yeah right!


              A year after I quit smoking, I realized I was getting fatter and fatter, and I didn’t like how I felt. I was at my heaviest, 5’7 189 lbs. I was determined not to reach 190 lbs. I needed a reality check. The truth was a lot of my extra weight was due to my love of wine, cheese & fruity martinis!


              January 2010, I quit drinking alcohol! That same month I joined a weight loss program and by September 2010, I was down to 133lbs (current weight 135 – 137 and I am so happy).


              In 2010, I had never heard of running forums and had no clue what a running plan was. I was a treadmill diva! I loved walking, and one day I realized I could walk and talk at the same time because I could finally breathe! So I started trotting on the treadmill (notice I didn’t say running Joking). In March 2010, a friend at my gym suggested I try a 5K. Honestly, I was too embarrassed to ask how far that was or what it involved. She told me about a walker friendly race in June that had a maximum time limit of 55 minutes! I figured I could do that! Eventually I jumped off the treadmill and started walking/jogging around my subdivision. June 12, 2010 I completed my first 5K and finished in 39 minutes! I was so flipping proud and happy I cried! It felt fantastic! I loved that feeling!


              Although it has been a couple of years, I’m still slow but I happily schlep on down the road! Since that first 5K, I have not entered many races but I have completed a few more 5Ks, an 8K, and this year ran/walked two HMs! Yikes, no need to discuss my completion times, I’ve learned enough from you guys to know I signed up and ran races without “proper” training! ConfusedBut, I loved every step and wouldn’t change it for the world!  


              Today I went for a 5-mile run. For the first time in my adult life, I fell down. Plop. Right there on the freaking sidewalk. I had just run up a slight incline and was going down the other side when I noticed the sidewalk coming up to my face! I stuck out both hands to break the fall. I landed on my knees and somehow rolled over onto my butt! I sat there for a second, and stood up. I took off my glove (its 33 degrees today) and the top of my hand was bleeding, just a little. I carry tissue so I wrapped it around my hand and put my glove back on. I walked about 10 feet to the next stop light. When it turned green, I ran.


              For the first time in my life, I realized, I am a runner. I could not believe I had fallen on my butt and got back up to keep running!


              Thank you all for what you have given me. Without your wisdom and willingness to share, I would not have found the courage to get up today and keep running. I want to learn more. My next HM is June 2013. I plan to train and I plan to race. If Santa brings me a Garmin, I’ll even know my pace! Shocked




              Have you met Jason?