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Talaria Tuesday Penguins (Read 21 times)

    Jack - you need to wash your cars more often.  Good job on the speedwork.  Twice in a row, that will be a challenge.


    Scotty - no wings on my shoes, but I'm happy if I can do a steady trot.  Have fun on your park run this afternoon.


    Jerry - I hope the orthopedist can help your knee.


    Damaris - I hope you aren't flooded too badly tonight.  Enjoy your miles later.


    Jimmy - you may have been more tired by the painting than you thought.  I hope today's run is better.


    Bin - still on vacation?  Enjoy the time with the little ones.  They grow up so fast.


    Awood - sorry you're sick.  Take care of yourself.


    AFM:  I'll do a few easy miles on the TM later.  It has been snowing steadily all morning, but mostly not sticking.  It's just wet and cold outside.


      Hi all.  I don't think I'll run today.  I have a check-up at the dentist after work, and it's going to be raining or snowing.  Yoga will have to suffice for my workout tonight.

        Jack- You and your wife might be able to make a killing going out and washing your cars by the parched fields in the central valley.


        Scotty- Glad the weather is back to cooperating for you!  It must be tough to get used to all the extreme changes that you get from day to day!


        Jerry- Hope the ortho doc is able to find a good solution for you.


        D- Hope the core feels a bit better for your workout today!  All those muscles are probably like WTF, I didn't think we had to do this any more!


        Jimmy- I am always so stiff after taking too many days off!  I can barely shuffle along.  Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get back to normal.  Stretching and rolling help.


        Bin- At least you didn't call it "babysitting"


        Awood- You need a better pre-race routine.


        Ginny- Hope that spring gets there before too long!


        Margo- Good luck at the dentist!


        As for me, my MLR went well yesterday, and today I just have 3-4 easy miles.  Zoe has been busting out of her pen, though.  She busted out of one side when we went to the movies on Sunday, and then yesterday she busted out of the other side while DD and I were out running errands.  So we're going to need to make her pen much smaller when we go out so that we can clip the edges together and she shouldn't be able to get out.


        Miles to Go

          All set to see the OS next week.  Zel, that reminds me, we met DD's foster Plott hound last weekend.    She is so sad looking, they had to rename her.  Her old name was "Joy".  She is now "Macy".  I don't think she will ever bust out of her cage.

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          Barking Mad To Run

            Sorry about the snow for you, Ginny and Margo, that sucks.  Almost the end of March too!  When do y'all actually start getting some decent weather that will mark a COMPLETE end for the season to your winter weather?


            Yeah, Zelanie, a lot of folks in San Antonio walking around with the sniffles, coughs, etc, cuz they don't have any time to adjust to these back-and-forth weather changes.  Since I run outside all the time in either type of weather here, I think that is what has helped prevent me from getting sick and let's hope it stays that way, knock on wood.  Poor Zoe...she wants out!  Healing vibes for her!


            But then, Awood, Race Day will cure you!  Good luck!


            Congrats on your run, Jack, enjoy your rest day today.  Maybe here in San Antonio we should all wash our cars  so it will rain big time...Texas is experiencing a really bad drought.  I think California is having the same in places, isn't it?

            "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

              Scotty - this is a really unusual year.  We haven't had much deep snow, but we've had lots of frequent little snows and a lot of extreme cold so what was there didn't melt.  Places south and east of us (Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC) have had a lot more snow this year though normally we're about the same.  Because of the cold, we've had a lot less rain than normal, so we're about 2 inches short already this year.  (Cold air holds less moisture.)  We've consistently been 15-20 degrees cooler than normal most of the winter.  It's normal for last frost to happen in early May, but we usually start getting flowers and leaves by the end of March and the orchards start blooming in early April, with first fruit around June 1.  My bulbs have sent up shoots, but no flowers in my yard yet, though I've seen a few crocus and snowdrops in bloom elsewhere this week.  The forecasts have been consistently bad; whenever I look at the long term forecast, it says pretty much normal temperatures, but the reality is quite different.  According to Accuweather, in early Feb., our last snow was supposed to be in mid-Feb.  They had that wrong.


              Jerry that's sad about the dog no longer living up to her name.  Is she sick?


              Z - sounds like Zoe is starting to heal, if she's feeling that obstreperous.


              Smaller By The Day

                Yeah, this pre-race tradition is getting old.  It's in my chest.  So, I'm scratching my run again tonight.  I never get sick, but I did before Chi-Town last year.  I got sick before Indianapolis.  I think I got sick before the Brewers Mini also.  I tend to get back on track JUST before the race, but feel like crap during the 2 weeks leading up to it.


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                Miles to Go

                  Outsourced 6 miles to  DW today, Indoors.  Bad Ass  !!!  

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                    4 with Bella.


                    Awood, get well.