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Lost Pines Resort running - hills, hills, hills! (photos) (Read 18 times)

Barking Mad To Run

    Gail and I headed up to Lost Pines Resort near Bastrop, Texas, for our 31st wedding anniversary and for Gail to attend a Scentsy Conference..  We stayed there two nights, Feb 14 - our anniversary - and Feb 15th, Gail's birthday.   Very nice resort, alongside the Colorado River, and close to a park called McKinney Roughs.  On Monday while Gail was at her conference I went on an exploring run of the hotel grounds and the trails of McKinnyey Roughs.   Took a few photos along the way.


    My starting point was this 'Smores Fire Area" where in the evening guests could gather around a fire and enjoy some Smores prepared by some of the hotel staff.

     photo 001_zpsnvmsbpu9.jpg


    Onto the hotel trails alongside the Colorado River

     photo 002_zpstifmpqun.jpg


     photo 003_zpsn5rfnfvw.jpg


     photo 004_zpsvogysft0.jpg


     photo 005_zpszdvrwar2.jpg


    That  0.7 trail took me to the entrance of McKinney Roughs, a State Park Natural Are.  There were trail maps available at the entrance, but where's the fun in knowing what to look forward to the first time out?   I left the trail map in its folder and proceeded on.


    The trails started out kindly enough with some really sweet soft-dirt trails that took me by a huge Pecan tree

     photo 006_zpslobycr1i.jpg


     photo 007_zpszn9ttinx.jpg


     photo 008_zpsfc0xqrmq.jpg


     photo 009_zpstxtrx467.jpg


    Decisions, decisions, as I came to this fork in the road......


     photo 011_zps0deevxdb.jpg


    I took the right fork...and of course I had unknowingly chosen the more difficult of the two trails and began to climb.....


     photo 012_zpsi3fiuqzo.jpg


    ...and climb....every time I got to the top of one hill, I figured it would flatten out for a bit; but no, there was always another hill around the next curve, sheesh.  I finally told myself, dammit, I am going to get to the top of this darn trail even if it takes me 3 hours.


     photo 015_zps9mq5pyfu.jpg


    Thankfully, it was not 3 hours, lol, although it felt like it on my legs.  I finally did get to the end of the trail, which intersected with another trail and my reward was a nice view of the surrounding area.


     photo 016_zpsq4dizfym.jpg


    Of course, now that I WAS up...I had to now go down...and downhill for me, with my spine arthritis, is much harder than uphill.  This downhill, like the uphill, seemed to my legs to go on forever....


     photo 018_zpslxlkg9il.jpg


     photo 019_zps5nhwy9o7.jpg


     photo 020_zpsdycmkufd.jpg


    Ahhh, flat again....this trail took me back toward the hotel, with a couple of nice views of the river along the way


     photo 021_zpsrwymezkp.jpg


     photo 023_zps4ws0bnca.jpg


     photo 025_zpst3rkr9wc.jpg


     photo 026_zps5ab9lpvf.jpg


    Back on the hotel grounds, my final lap took me around the hotel on a paved  path and past  the hotel longhorns grazing in their pasture.

     photo 027_zpscemolexp.jpg


    I ended up with 5.2 miles done in just under an hour.  VERY hilly miles.


    On Feb 16 I got up early in the morning before we checked out and ran part of the hotel golf course path.  I figured golf course, nice and flat, right?  WRONG.  The first part was flat, but O-M-G, then the hills started and Hole 12 was especially hill-hell, this thing kept going up for what seemed like forever.  Go up, see a curve on the path, go around the curve, another up...and on it went for about 4 curves and ups.  And not  a gradual up either, this freakin' hill composed of 4 parts had up angles like a darn roller coaster ride.  Not  QUITE that steep-and-straight up, but pretty darn steep.  My reward for finally getting to the top of the Hole 12 hill was seeing all the surrounding area laid out before me just as a beautiful sunrise came up.  Ended up with 3.4 miles for this outing.   Definitely got my hill work done for the week at this resort, lol.

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