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What major running goals have you reached (and what is still out there)? (Read 188 times)

    I was out for a nice run this evening and was thinking about the running goals I have had; the goals I have reached and the goals that continue to elude me.  I started running in March, 2008.


    Goals I reached.


    1.  My first goal was to be able to run for three miles without stopping.  I reached that goal fairly quickly.

    2.  My next goal was to be able to run five miles in under 40 minutes.  I thought that if I could ever run that fast, I'd be completely satisfied with my running.  As it turned out, it only took me about 9 months to get there.

    3.  Finish as one of the first 500 runners in the Indy Mini.  There are 35,000 people in that race but the first 500 to cross the finish line - and this is a gun thing and not a chip thing - get a special medal.  I wanted that medal.  Got it in May, 2010.


    And, the goals that elude me:


    4.  Run a sub 3:00 marathon.  I am hoping to go under 3:00 at the Marshall University Marathon in November, 2013.

    5.  Run a sub 18:00 5k.  I think I could get there if I spent a year or so really focused specifically on the 5K.  Right now, I'm 30 seconds off.  If I manage to run sub 3:00 in November, I think I will focus on that 5K goal for a year and see how fast I can get at that distance.

    Short term goal: 17:59 5K

    Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

    Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).


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      A sub 20:00 5K still eludes me but I hope this is the year. I've been following a periodization type plan and already feel much stronger just through the base period.


      Last year my other main goal was a sub-6:00 mile and I got that in August. I'm not real emotional but I cried when I crossed the finish line, I was so happy. I had a smaller goal of a sub-1:40 half, which I achieved twice, though it wasn't a huge priority and I didn't specifically train for the half, it happened off my 5K training. Generally speaking, my overarching goal in all of my local races is to either place in the top 3 females or at the very least in my age group. Last year there weren't any local races where I didn't get some kind of an award and I want to keep the streak alive.

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        I had three main goals when I started running: lose 68 pounds, sub-21:45 5k, run a race of 15k or longer. Last February I achieved the weight goal. Last May I hit the 5k goal. February 3rd I ran a half marathon to hit the final goal. My current goal is a sub-20 5k, but I am not very motivated for it.

        Personal Bests:

        800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)


          LTH I have a feeling you're going to hit every goal you have.


          Around the time i started running, my goal was to lose 20 lbs, go from around 195 to about 175. Yeah, i had a 36 inch waist, but i never thought i had 40 lbs to lose. I guess i "carried it well" as they say, but,  I wound up eventually getting to around 155. about 6 months ago though, and now i weight about 5-10 lbs more than that, but i actually feel healthier.


          Last April my goal was to be able to run a competitive time for my AG in the Chicago Urbanathlon , a 10.8 mile obstacle race held in October. At the time I was running about 15 mpw and the longest I'd ever run was 5 miles. By the time of the race I was running 35-40 mpw with a long run of 11 miles.


          My goal was to place in my age group, very ambitious, and in fact I did not reach that goal. I broke some ribs 6 weeks before the race, which set my training back a bit, but still placed 6th in a field of 52.  I was less than 2 minutes slower than the 3rd place runner, and I think that with better pacing i could have actually placed in my AG. But that's sort of a cheap thing to say. Whatever.


          Last month, my goal was to run a sub 22 5k. I did not reach that goal, instead running just under 23 and finishing 4th in a field of 50 in my AG. My time was basically the same as last year for that race, but they changed the course, and last year that time put me in 6th place in a field of 55, so I believe that the two courses were different lengths.


          My goals for this year are to place in my AG in a 5k or a HM in a large local race. I would like to run my first HM this spring and would love to finish in 1:44 or under. I would also like to run a sub 22 5k this year and eventually run a 20 or sub 20 5k, though this seems very hard and I'd have to train harder at running than i currently do to achieve this, plus probably need to get skinnier.


            @mj5 - I am in awe of your times. I'd be so happy if i were that fast.


            @dan the cpa - See above ^. Plus losing 68 lbs? frigging superman.


              Didn't have any real goals when I started, just to run and keep losing weight and get fit.  Only goal I've set and hit so far (besides weight loss, which was never a set #, just lose weight, down 85lbs and holding) was to run my first half in under 2 hours, did that in Sept.


              Current goals:


              Sub-1:30 half, which hopefully I'll get next month.

              Sub-20 5k, I think the potential is already there, just have to pace myself better

              Sub-19 5k, obviously have to get my sub-20 first, but I think I can go sub-19 with more training

              Sub-40 10k, hopefully later this year


              Then, maybe this fall, or next spring (I'm starting to think Shamrock next spring):


              BQ my first marathon (3:15)


              My running blog

              Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!


                My first and second goals were to run a mile (which I had never done before) and to run a 5K (likewise).


                The running goal which I worked hardest to achieve was going sub- 2:00 in the half marathon.  It took me a year from running a 2:01:54 until I got my first sub-2, though when I finally broke that barrier, it was in a big way, going just under 1:54.


                I have set lots of little goals at every distance (30, then 25 minutes for 5K; 50, then 45, then 40 minutes for 5 miles) but none have taught me as much as my yearlong quest and repeated (2) failed attempts to go under 2 hours in the half.


                What is still out there?


                50:00 10K (current: 52:19)

                1:50:00 HM (current: 1:52:17)

                4:00:00 marathon (current (though old) 4:56)

                And, eventually, though I still consider it a pipe dream, qualifying for Boston.


                Good thread.  I know that whenever I achieve a goal, so much of the focus becomes on the next one.  It is good to take time to reflect-- I remember my first 5K, which I think I finished in around 31:30.  At the time I decided I would be pretty darn happy if I ever got under 30 minutes.  I think it goes to show that you (universal 'you', not any on person) should never put a limit on what you think you can accomplish, but also it gives me some perspective on failing to meet a goal.  30-year old me would be pretty disappointed in myself if I failed to run my next 5K in under 25 minutes, but when something like that happens, I should remember how ecstatic  23-year old me would have been with the exact same time.

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                  Drop a shit ton of weight (that's a bunch) I have gone from snug 54 pants to 42's. Would like to get to 36's. From 365 to currently 268. Short term goal 230lbs. Eventually 200lbs.


                  As far as distances go, I initially just want to finish races since I am less than a year into this running stuff. Since April 2012, I have done C25K, a 4.5 mile race, a 15k, 2 HM (2:18 PR), & a full marathon (5:20). I would like to eventually do a 1:45 half and a 4:00 full marathon.


                  Complete a 50miler and possibly a 100 miler. This is new stuff.


                  I think I am more likely to complete a 100 mile race than BQ. I have and doubt I ever will be fast.

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                  “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”



                  Bad Ass



                    • Run a marathon without albuterol and asthma issues
                    • PR on a 5K post asthma
                    • Get back to my pre-asthma paces

                    To be reached and/or elude me:


                    • 4:29:59
                    • 2500 miles in a year
                    • Become an ultra runner
                    • PR on every distance post-asthma (I have two distances left)
                    • Sub-2 HM

                    To be fair, I have not tried two of the ones on the elude me category (sub-2 and PR on the 10K or HM), so they are goals I want to reach but not right now.



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                      A few goals I've set that I've reached:

                      -Complete a marathon

                      -Improve marathon by 30 minutes

                      -Sub 22 5K

                      -2000 miles in a year


                      Some goals I still want to reach:


                      -sub 20 5K

                      -sub 1:35 HM


                      I was getting closer to those goals too.  Now I'm probably at least another two years away if I'm lucky.  *sigh*



                        I have been running 5 years, but racing for only 3. Without racing, I don't think I would attach any goals to my running.


                        When I started running, during the first 8 months, I reached some milestones, but none of them were "goals" for me. Meaning that I did not pay attention to them, they were just happening... I could run 40 mpw 2 months after I started running. I could run 18 mile LRs about 2 months later. It seemed easy enough, like if all of my life I had prepared myself for running without knowing. Then, I stalled for two years as far as speed was concerned. I hated that.  My only goal at the time was to run and complete my first marathon, after missing my chance the previous year. And I wanted a BQ. I achieved both in 2010. But I felt it was like a barely achieved thing... I wasn't entirely satisfied.


                        Since then, all I've been doing is running more marathons only to get better at them. I want to feel comfortable running them. By that, I don't mean physically comfortable, I still push hard, but I want to feel confident that I know exactly what I'm doing... And now that I've run 10 of them, in different conditions, I think I'm getting there. Almost.


                        My goal last year was to make it to 10 marathons, quickly. And make all of them BQs. Have one of them fall into open standard for women (3:34). And then once that was done, I went for a BQ-20 (BQ-22). I had told myself that after reaching these goals, I'd be done with goals. But about 5 minutes after crossing the finish line of my 3:32 marathon, I thought "So close to 3:30..." So I guess my new goal now is to go sub-3:30 eventually. If not this coming Spring, then in the Fall. I don't have any long term goals. Ever since my stroke, I live mostly in the present. I don't care about what I'll be able to do in 2 or 3 years...


                        Aside from that, I don't have other goals presently. My short distance times are getting faster, as my marathon times are getting better. But they are not goals for me. I don't want to run more weekly miles, or run longer LRs. I don't want to do ultras, or triathlons or whatever.


                        I know that I am a few years away from regressing. The thought of that sort of depresses me. I don't know how I will react to it, because racing is probably my only motivation for running...


                        Now I'm going to read the other answers. Thank you, Brad, for this thread! It's an excellent subject!

                        PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                                Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                        18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010


                        Team TJ

                          I met my goal of a 10 mile run this morning.


                          Future goals:

                          • sub 30 5K (I have a 31:10 PR right now)
                          • Run first 10K race (next weekend 2/23)
                          • First HM (later this year)

                          Running for TJ because he can't.


                          100K or Bust - Busted

                            Goals I've reached:

                            sub-5:00 mile (PR 4:41)

                            sub-11:00 2-mile (PR 10:28)

                            sub-18:00 5K (PR 16:22)

                            sub-40:00 10K (PR 35:12)

                            sub-1:00:00 10M (PR 58:57)

                            sub-1:30:00 HM (PR 1:19:03)

                            sub-3:00:00 Marathon (PR 2:54:56)

                            Win a race overall (several times)

                            Set a course record (twice because I won the race and they were inaugural races)


                            Goals still out there to meet:

                            Run my first ultra race (NC 24 12-hour race Sept 21, 2013)

                            Possibly others in the ultra category once I see how the first goes.

                            2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


                              The biggest goal that I've met, time-wise, was my sub-2 hour HM.


                              I thought I had a really good chance at hitting a sub-4 hour marathon and a sub 1:50 HM this Spring - but now I have a broken ankle, and am also probably going to try to get pregnant some time soon, so those goals may be pushed off for a while.


                              Right now, my running goal is to heal up and get back to some semblance of mileage.


                              At some point, that sub 1:50 and sub-4 will be my next time goals.  Just might be a year or two away, now.

                              My wildly inconsistent PRs:

                              5k: 24:36 (10/20/12)  

                              10k: 52:01 (4/28/12)  

                              HM: 1:50:09 (10/27/12)

                              Marathon: 4:19:11 (10/2/2011) 


                                Goals I've reached:

                                sub-5:00 mile (PR 4:41)

                                sub-11:00 2-mile (PR 10:28)

                                sub-18:00 5K (PR 16:22)

                                sub-40:00 10K (PR 35:12)

                                sub-1:00:00 10M (PR 58:57)

                                sub-1:30:00 HM (PR 1:19:03)

                                sub-3:00:00 Marathon (PR 2:54:56)

                                Win a race overall (several times)

                                Set a course record (twice because I won the race and they were inaugural races)


                                Goals still out there to meet:

                                Run my first ultra race (NC 24 12-hour race Sept 21, 2013)

                                Possibly others in the ultra category once I see how the first goes.


                                You have such an outstanding running history, George. Really impressive.

                                PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                                        Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                                18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010