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NRR - what do you do for a living? (Read 965 times)

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    Actually, I'm a mechanical engineer specializing in polymers (consulting, expert witness, design, processing...)

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      well with legs like that, maybe try modeling. I know of a guy in California named Hugh H that is always looking for pretty people Smile 



      Alas, I am stuck. Anyone know of a position in Boston in publishing (of ANY kind), PM me!

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        I'm a materials scientist.


        At my old job, I used a bunch of different lab techniques to characterize touch screen parts that came off of a processing line.  Mostly microscopes of different varieties, or else I literally just stared at the things and looked for defects.  Little bit of chemistry here and there.  This.....was not such an ideal use of my education, but it was a paycheck in a science lab.


        At my new job, I am working on formulating dishwashing detergents.  I spend an inordinate amount of time running glasses and cookie sheets through dishwashers.


        In case you ever wanted to know, a restaurant caliber dishwasher can clean a load of dishes in a little over a minute, because it uses highly caustic detergents that they would never sell you to use in your home.  This means I can literally run hundreds of test cycles a day.  I'm getting a little tired of dishwashers.  


        DH and I will probably start trying to have kids in the next 6 months or so - after 1) I finish my marathon in February and 2) We take our planned trip to Napa in May.  I am not going on a wine tasting vacation while pregnant :P  If all goes according to plan, and assuming nothing changes our financial situation, I may be a stay at home mom at some point in the not so distant future.  

        My wildly inconsistent PRs:

        5k: 24:36 (10/20/12)  

        10k: 52:01 (4/28/12)  

        HM: 1:50:09 (10/27/12)

        Marathon: 4:19:11 (10/2/2011) 

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             I want a goat farm. If we can grow honeycrisp apples, I'd be set for life.


            Uh, wow.  That's pretty much the plan for the land surrounding the house I am waiting to close on.  Add in hops trellises and a few disc golf baskets, and it actually *is* the plan.  Cool


              I am an Oncology Pharmacy Technician. I work per diem at a major Cancer Center mixing the magic stuff that will hopefully save lives. Full time, I work at the same Cancer Center arguing with insurance companies to make sure my patients don't go broke trying to pay for meds. If that doesn't work, I scour the globe looking for patient assistance. I cry on a routine basis when I get to tell my patients that they don't have to pay a $8,000 copay each month....we found them help! I love my job......wouldn't even quit right away if I won Powerball!


              I used to have these exact jobs.  I loved the job but HATED my boss so I had to leave it.  I'm now a Business Analyst and software implementation project manager for the business office of a large multi-specialty medical practice.  I'm hoping to find something less corporate within the next 6 months or so. 

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                Currently working in a HLA lab. We do compatibility testing for organ transplants and reseach into better outcomes for transplants.


                Wow, several chemists, interesting.

                Crazy Q

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                  Bagpiper at funerals, I haven't heard a complaint yet.


                  Previously I was a Fireman, take you PC Firefighter and shove it up your ass, with additional training in Fire & Arson Investigations, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Material technician and Rescue & Recovery Scuba Diver. Before that I was just a simple soldier assigned to a unit that came under the U.S. Army's Special Opperations Command umbrella.


                  I also have a Commerial Drivers License and make intra and interstate deliveries for a closely knit Italian Social Club.

                  Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!


                  running is bad for you

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                     You are my hero.


                      Uh, wow.  That's pretty much the plan for the land surrounding the house I am waiting to close on.  Add in hops trellises and a few disc golf baskets, and it actually *is* the plan.  Cool


                      Honeycrisps are the best apples. It's too bad the growing season is short. I demand they be made available for more than three weeks a year. Best of luck!

                      Started C25K on 9/6/12. First 5K set for 1/13/13.


                        Diagnostic ultrasound


                          Services/intervention research on alcohol/drugs and mental health. I also teach.


                          Encouragement welcome

                            Middle School Technology teacher : STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)


                            Basic  Electricity,  Robotics, Automotives. Research & Design, Construction, Digital Photography .


                             Ooh, and cafeteria monitor.  Because the "academic" teachers think I'm not a "real" teacher.  LOL 

                            Pace Goal : 14 mm

                            5k Goal: 40 minutes


                            10k, half, and marathon someday....


                            (Hey, I'm just getting started!)


                              High School Special education teacher.  Learning disabilities, behavior issues, you name it.  I currently teach intense reading and writing courses. 


                              CupidsGirl I can relate.  Used to teach middle school sped and co-taught science.  Also used to do lunch duty in the high school cafeteria every day.  Did that for years.


                              My summer job used to be wildland firefighting.  Did that 21 years.  Loved that job. 

                                Getting here late. I'm an obsolete electrical engineer, was a homeschooling mom, part time lifeguard and swim instructor and soon front desk at the pool/gym/parks department, technical writing on the side. And a once-a-week summer job helping a friend with landscaping. Smile

                                Marathons are habit-forming...

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