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Photos: Easter Paws Fun Run for Dogs and Humans (Read 6 times)


Barking Mad To Run

    On Easter Sunday 2017 I participated in the Easter Paws  at "Runners Ranch", the home of friends of mine, which includes a running trails course they developed on their land.   This is a very popular venue for running events that the owners host over the year.


    The Easter Paws, in its second year, if I remember correctly, is a special event because it is designate for runners and walkers to have their doggie pals join them on the course.  People without dogs - like me - can run too, but it is a fun run for us - although we did all have timing chips -  as only the doggies with humans get age group awards...this is their event, lol.   The course was one loop of some of the trails, making it 1.75 miles.


    The trails are a mix of packed dirt and a soft sandy loam type surface, making it a bit difficult to run on - in places, kind of like running on soft sand at the beach - especially for slow old guys like me, lol.  I kind of shuffled along on the softer parts and picked up the pace a bit on the firmer parts, which made for a very slow time for me, ending up with 21:39 finish time, averaging 12-somthing per mile pace.  I was happy with that because, with my spinal arthritis, the Runner's Ranch course when I've run here before,  usually KILLS my back, but today I did okay and felt pretty good after.  I don't run here much so maybe I just need more practice on this type of surface.


    This one is a very enjoyable event, with lots of things going host for us, various types of prizes for the doggies -  best trick, best "owner and dog who looks alike", and so forth - an easter egg hunt, and a post-run Texas brisket barbecue.   I just wandered around before, during, and after taking various photos.   Mucho thanks to my friends Minie and Jose for opening their ranch to all we participants!


    Hope you enjoy the photos below!


     photo 014_zps44ky9mup.jpg

     photo 041_zpscsub74k6.jpg



    Start/Finish Line


     photo 020_zpstxn5gdvy.jpg


     photo 023_zpscu8flei6.jpg




    Registration volunteers photo 001_zpsgqhc7t4m.jpg


    Our MC with her comedian friend...

     photo 002_zpsvwliexzj.jpg


    Nice backdrop to get a photo with

     photo 003_zpsssv858p8.jpg


     photo 005_zps0dzc6aio.jpg



     photo 006_zpsp09ypfun.jpg


     photo 007_zps734vxnna.jpg


     photo 008_zpswthxgoy2.jpg


     photo 010_zpsfmiialo8.jpg


    Jose was not hurting this dog...he was in the process of picking him up to put him on his shoulder and carry him when I took this photo.

     photo 011_zpskeonlwrr.jpg

     photo 015_zpsrdokzt43.jpg


     photo 019_zpsdv4xfq4p.jpg


     photo 021_zpsyqqxbygn.jpg


     photo 022_zpsbvy9njm0.jpg


    Here we go....onto that surface...

     photo 024_zpseitknjpb.jpg


     photo 025_zpspvgrvpxe.jpg


     photo 026_zpstyzzuwtk.jpg


     photo 027_zpshmf8cmis.jpg


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     photo 034_zpsydystdnl.jpg


     photo 035_zpszw6lywx3.jpg


     photo 036_zpsjemxkwje.jpg


    Done and having fun...


    While I cooled down and drank some water, this friendly doggie kept me company


     photo 038_zpsbrkppxk0.jpg


     photo 039_zpskrdcgqbc.jpg


     photo 042_zpsicffbdzj.jpg


     photo 045_zpsyhwj17q5.jpg


     photo 046_zpsirmas9n6.jpg


    Thanks to our hosts!

     photo 047_zpsgwojzzxd.jpg

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