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    If you are an absolute, rank beginner, a coach can be useful to guide you along the right path to getting started.  Once you get a few months under your belt though, you'll benefit just from continuing to increase the mileage while adding in a hard workout at least once each week.  Truthfully, I don't know how much a coach can help from that point until you reach the point where your improvements begin to plateau.  That's probably going to be around the 18 month mark.  


    I'm going to have to disagree with this. No matter what one's level or ability is in running, one can always benefit from another, objective viewpoint. Especially if that other viewpoint has both education and experience. It's even more beneficial if the two parties work well together and are honest with each other.


    Just as an example, pretty much every world-ranked, elite distance runner.


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      I think I disagree with LTH to an extent. The guy I coach XC with is very big on periodization training, which is what I'm doing right now. There are certain time periods that help you get certain benefits from certain workouts. I personally have always trained somewhat aimlessly--having a mpw goal in mind, and doing 2 hard workouts per week. Did I improve, yes, but not continuously--and not predictably. I think a coach can be beneficial at any stage because you get that knowledge early on and won't have to waste any time heading into a plateau.

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        I'm seconding the comment about running without music. Also try running with a local group. I find that running with a group gets my ass in gear.