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Indianapolis Monumental (Debut) Marathon RR (Read 108 times)

    Congrats Awood!


    Very well-run race, managing the pain and finishing in a businesslike manner.

    Proud of you especially for making the transformation from a fat guy to a marathoner;  that shows a lot of dedication.


    Great job, and I'm jealous of your heavenly post-race spread of nachos, cupcakes, and Three Floyds beer.  Big grin

      Nice job Awood.  That was a strong race and an excellent debut.  You didn't achieve your time goal, but you put up with a lot and kept on moving.  I can't imagine what your feel felt like at the end of the race.  I hope your recovery is going well.  Also, congrats on the weight loss. That is very impressive.

      2013 goals: 800m: 2:20 | mile: 4:59 | 5k: 18:59 | 10k: 39:59 | HM: 1:32 | Marathon: 3:20

        Not sure what is more impressive, the sub-4 first marathon or that monster plate of nachos.

        Great race; the severe, every-muscle pain in the final miles is par for the course. WIll be interesting to see how your recovery goes.



          That was just a great race report! Congrats on such a great job of ignoring the voices. Congrats, marathoner!