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Beginners and Beyond Miles Game - Open Invitation for New Members and FAQs (Read 151 times)


    If you're interested in playing the Beginners and Beyond Miles game, please go here: and follow the instructions. Sign up is easy and the game is free, and we welcome runners of any level or ability. And while you're at it you will probably want to join the Beginners and Beyond MILES GAME user group here on RunningAhead, so you can see what's going on with all of the teams.


    The game is not about how far or fast you run compared to anyone else, its about motivation and making like-minded friends. Whether you run less than 5 miles a week or more than 100, you are welcome to play. Once you are signed up you will be listed on Team: Available until you get assigned to a team. Please be sure to keep posting your miles here: each week when you're on Team: Available.

    As of this moment there is no waiting period for new runners to get assigned to teams. Sometimes we get so many new members that there's a bit of a backlog before we can assign you to a team.


    Frequently-asked questions:


    The Miles Game is just another name for the 2013in2013 Challenge, isn't it?

    No.  It's a completely separate game.


    Where do I post my miles?



    When do I post my miles?

    Post every week, before the results get run.  This usually happens on Thursdays.


    Should I post my miles every day?

    The game is set up to accept only one post weekly.  So if you post miles every day, each new post will over-write (and destroy) any prior post.  Just post once a week and you'll be fine.


    What if I'm sick or injured?  Should I post zero miles?

    You can post zero miles if you're sick or injured, or you can ask your team Captain to have you put on the injured reserve list, which will excuse you from posting miles.


    What happens if I don't post my miles?

    After three weeks of non-posting you will get dropped from the game (unless you're on the Injured Reserve list).


    Where can I post miles for weeks when I forgot to post?

    It can't be done.  The Miles Game software does not allow for that.


    How will I know when I get assigned to a team?

    Look for the Team Changes thread, in this forum.  You can also check when you post your miles, and click on the "Show my team" option.  Except in very unusual circumstances you will not get an e-mail or a Private Message or Dialogue to tell you that you've been assigned to a team.  And remember to keep posting your miles every week when you're on Team: Available.  If you don't post your miles every week we tend to lose track of you, and you'll never get assigned to a team.


    What does the WeekID mean?

    You should ignore it, as it serves only to confuse people.


    Can I choose what team I get assigned to?



    What if I bribe the game administrators?

    Good luck with that.  We are incorruptible.


    What's expected of me when I join the miles game?

    First and foremost, that you post your miles every week.  It's nice if you also find your team thread and interact with the other members of your team.


    Does my team get a 10% bonus if everybody posts?

    No - they do that in the 2013in2013 Challenge, but we don't do that in the Miles Game.  Still, it's nice to have 100% participation.  So please remember to post your miles every week.


    What if I've been thrown out of the game for non-posting and I want to come back?

    The Miles Game is very forgiving.  Check in with your former Captain and teammates.  If they're willing to take you back, we'll reassign you to your former team.  If your former team doesn't want you back, check with the game Administrators (aplodder and me), and we'll see about getting you back into the game.


    The FAQs will be edited, amended, and added to as questions come up and time allows.