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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor, retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run, hence my nickname “Scottydog.” Here is yet another of my Race Reports With Photos, and my thanks to all the people I interacted with for their graciousness and good humor in letting me take photos of them.




    My 19th race of 2015.  Held on April 25th by Carrera Races in San Antonio at the luxury living and business complex of Eilan, which is quite close to Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park.   Woke up this morning to major thunderstorms, lightnings and weather watch warnings for the San Antonio area and beyond.  Rain stopped by the time I drove to the race location, but I still saw plenty of lightning flashes along the way.  Uh oh.  No worries though; dark skies when I got to the race local, but rain had stopped and by race start time of 8 a.m., we actually had blue skies and sunshine - and VERY humid air, not a breath of wind, humidity near 100% and dewpoint in the 70s.   Even so, everyone seemed to manage well.  There were over 200 registered for this event and I think just about all of them showed up, regardless of the weather.  I think the cause helped - this race is in support of the Starlight Children's Foundation to help children with cancer, and who doesn't want to help children with cancer?  I ended up with a finish time of 33:03 chip, good enough for first in my age group, 60 - 69.  Of course, there were only two in my age group, lol.  Even so, I'll take it!




    Before the Start


    When I got to Eilan, the dark skies were still looming overhead

     photo 001_zpszvqywxse.jpg


     photo 002_zpsixmzoby5.jpg


     photo 003_zpsu98tkv1c.jpg




    One of my 'running crushes" Virginia, co-owner of Carrera Races...nice boots!

     photo 008_zpsgkbjo9bq.jpg


    Me and the Starlight Children's Foundation representative.

     photo 013_zpsx9zwt4h9.jpg


    This gentleman is wearing the race shirt participants got, with the Dream log on the back.

     photo 021_zpsevxbluva.jpg


    Some of the participants, volunteers, and supporters, pre-start

     photo 004_zps6elqkgi4.jpg


     photo 005_zpshdjgxkt3.jpg


    "Play that funky music, white boy...."

     photo 006_zpswrlsv33r.jpg



     photo 011_zpsjpcontjn.jpg


     photo 014_zpsg3vodpyu.jpg


     photo 015_zpsqo8a3vc3.jpg


     photo 016_zpsyxfw06vj.jpg


     photo 017_zpsiaugl3ku.jpg


     photo 018_zpsdiijynw2.jpg


    My good pal and another running crush, Bernadette, back at her first event after a long recovery from an injury

     photo 019_zpsgcay0fp5.jpg


     photo 020_zpshuepgrcz.jpg


     photo 023_zpsd5humg9h.jpg


    Shoppes at La Cantera team..the came out in force

     photo 024_zpsecyrkkqo.jpg


     photo 025_zpsa0uaa8mc.jpg


     photo 026_zpsbyt2ryuc.jpg


     photo 027_zpsgi7nixju.jpg


    Sun starting to peek out a bit now...I guess Texas weather is made with Intel inside... 


     photo 028_zpszyhqceqo.jpg


     photo 030_zpsnzhv31ji.jpg


     photo 031_zpsbmmwnttz.jpg


     photo 033_zpsgxmqlyke.jpg


    By the time we lined up, we had blue skies and sunshine....and all-out humidity!

     photo 034_zpshicyoe7u.jpg


     photo 036_zpssevsrhcs.jpg







    On the Course


    The course was 2 loops around the Eilan complex, which consisted of several hills of varying size along the way.  The biggest hill, thankfully for most people, was a downhill.


    The first lap....

     photo 037_zpstausdc3f.jpg


     photo 038_zpsevcarcty.jpg


     photo 039_zpsokakrbik.jpg


     photo 040_zpszrijoqo3.jpg


     photo 041_zpss3hnglqf.jpg



    Hurry up and get in front of me, ladies; I need some Great Legs motivation to keep my old-man legs moving forward!

     photo 042_zpsbkkphzz9.jpg


     photo 043_zpshiksbyns.jpg





    By the time I began my 2nd lap, the crowd had thinned out quite a bit, lol, as slow as I am.  I think the hills and humidity were also getting to a few people too, as more folks were walking at this point.


     photo 044_zps9u17x7uj.jpg


     photo 045_zpszhwoweii.jpg


     photo 046_zpscqiblape.jpg


     photo 047_zpsiih49rak.jpg


    I was near these two very nice people for most of the race.  I finished a bit ahead of them and got a photo of them coming in to the finish.

     photo 048_zpsic7h2bgl.jpg


    After the Finish


    Me and Virginia post-race


     photo 059_zpsao88fvyi.jpg


    Me and Bernadette.  She finished about 3 minutes ahead of me.  Usually she finished about 10 or so minutes ahead of me, but she's being careful during her recovery time so as not to injury relapse.

     photo 060_zpsjgoev46g.jpg


    Some of the "Happy Finisher", supporters, and volunteers


     photo 050_zpsrxf22zs5.jpg


     photo 051_zpsfxndqv9c.jpg


     photo 052_zpsbv5grtxw.jpg


     photo 053_zpsjouwfjsl.jpg


    Pancakes served up for anyone who wanted them..

     photo 054_zpseynpildl.jpg


     photo 055_zpsk2ra4uj0.jpg


     photo 056_zpsjjhulqqh.jpg


     photo 057_zpsiwo32lla.jpg


     photo 058_zpsftqx1myt.jpg


     photo 061_zps23pa49nn.jpg


     photo 062_zpsfa0luvd5.jpg


    These two lovely ladies were part of the group of great volunteers that were out there today for we participants.

     photo 068_zpsfmlpntx0.jpg


    Awards ceremony beginning

     photo 064_zpsk0ofxplu.jpg


     photo 065_zpstfjppp36.jpg


     photo 066_zpsu9h0mh6f.jpg


     photo 067_zps5h2lujjb.jpg






    Carrera Races always puts on really good quality events. Quality race tees, good courses, lots of nice post-race goodies and their races always done for some very good causes.  This was the first time for this event with this cause and hopefully it will continue to be done with even more participation in the future.  Well organized, definitely one to put on your race calendar.  Mucho thanks to Northwest Mutual who is a big sponsor of the Starlight Foundation, and had a presence at the race; and to all the other sponsors, volunteers, race organizers, etc, all the folks that got this one done for all we participants., as usual, did their great job of course set-up and race timing.


    Next up for me: My second race for April 25th, the San Antonio Roadrunner Fiesta Fandango in the PM, and then on Sunday, April 26, Clark High School Sunday Funday 5K.   Umm, it's noon on Saturday right now and I think I may take a short nap.... 

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


      Didn't you just race there a couple of weeks ago?  Congratulations on the AG win.  I'm sorry your friend Bernadette was injured.  I hope her recovery continues well.


        Nice race. That place does look familiar.


          Good to see Bernadette back at it. I cannot say that I recall ever seeing you in black, you wear it well!


            That place does look familiar.


            I think there are three or four events held there a year that Scotty races.


              Like the others, I feel like I've been there before.  Actually, I think that if one day I make it to San Antonio (to run with Scotty, of course), I will know my way around San Antonio just like an old pro.  As usual, a fun report, Scotty! Congratulations on your 19th!

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                Yay for the return of Bernadette, still rocking race tees older than many of the runners Big grin