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Better Eight Than Never SunDAILIES (Read 56 times)

    Yo whattup daily timesavers?


    I finally put in a sold week, both quantity and quality-wise.


    Today I ran 15.3 @ 7:50 with the last 2.3 @ 6:36. I gotta have pizza and pop for lunch more often.

      Shirfan, congratulations!


      Damaris, thank youSmile


      pae, I agree that wind sucks.


      B-Plus, 15.3 at 7:50? Very cool.

        Some good running today, dailies!


        Basya- It sounds like you have a good plan, really.  April 7th isn't really that far off as far as getting a "real" pace to work with, in that how many speed workouts would really be doing between now and then?  So if you are able to get "close enough" in the mean time based on feel, I'd think that would be pretty good.  You could always run a TT if you think you could do it.  I don't think I could push myself without an actual race though.


        AFM, I got my 13.1 miler done today for my first 50 mile week.  I'm feeling pretty good about that because when I started my HM plan, I didn't know if I'd be able to build miles as quickly as the plan called for.  But I did it!  I still have more than a month until my HM, but it looks like the remaining weeks focus on quality over quantity.  So on to new adventures!