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new photo. Heps track meet RR: my baby boy didn't win but I'm proud of him. (Read 114 times)


    1500m finish:



    A track meet report, not a RR.  And my baby boy is 19 years old, 6'6" and 220 lbs.  Photo:


    He's a decathlete and conference track meet was yesterday and today.  Right after the indoor meet he had a freak leg injury, had to get around on crutches and a wheelchair, didn't run for three weeks, and hadn't competed outdoors except for a couple throws.  So our expectations were low.


    But yesterday he had a pretty decent first day (100m, long jump, shot putt, high jump, 400m).  No PRs, but okay considering.  Then today he had a not bad hurdle race, significant PRs in the discus and javelin (he did do some upper body lifting while injured), a slight PR in the pole vault (still his weakest event), and a decent 1500m (4:35, likely the only event this forum will relate to).


    He ended up 2nd with a score of 7212.  So that makes him a medalist and all-conference.  It's the 4th best score in school history and the best since 1994.  That currently ranks him 26th in NCAA D1, so he won't be going to nationals, but I'm thrilled.  His team won the meet and his 8 points were big.


    So I'm really proud of my little boy for keeping it together and coming through.  Had to share.

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      That is very cool. He looks like a beast! (I mean that in a good way).

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        Wow, your boy has some skill.  I love watching my kiddos compete, such pride.  So I can relate to how your feeling. Congrats to him!

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          7000+ point may not get him to Nationals but that's a fine score.


          To try to give a better perspective to the runners, 7212 points averages 721 per event. Using the WMA calculator that's the equivalent of running a 17:09 5K. Then he also perfomed on average just as well in 9 other diverse and unrelated events.

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            Wow, your boy has some skill.  I love watching my kiddos compete, such pride.  So I can relate to how your feeling. Congrats to him!


            Thanks.  I might post a RR about my 11 year old's run on Saturday.  It was so cute.


            How old are your kiddos?


              The decathlon is such a beast of an event - you have to be good at so many varying things!  Big congrats to your son!!

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                GC-Congrats to your son.  You should be proud, especially having done all that essentially the first time out this season.

                STILL HAVING FUN!!!


                  This is totally awesome!!  Congrats to your son - he certainly earned it!!  And, if he can do all this coming off an injury, the sky's the limit for what he can do with great training leading up to an event!!

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                    I'm not decathlete guru, but it sounds like he did great! I'd be very proud too.

                    - Andrew


                      Wow, he did an amazing job with the obstacles he had.  You have every right to be proud of him!  That's a great picture, too!


                        I came from track and field, so I could definitely relate. You have to be well rounded athlete to do well in decathlon.

                        Our team used to do "fun" decathlon at the end of the season where all specialists participated. Pole vault was probably most difficult event, where a lot of people got zero. My pole vault, shot put, javelin, discus and the high jump were just embarrassing, but we had fun.

                        Ashton Eaton who won gold in London Olympics decathlon ran 1500 meters there in about same time as your boy (4:33.6)

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                          Wow, really impressive. You have every right to be very proud of your boy.

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                            Ashton Eaton who won gold in London Olympics decathlon ran 1500 meters there in about same time as your boy (4:33.6)


                            Stephen is pretty good in the middle distance for a big guy, he ran 4:33 the first time he tried it last year.  The 1500m is the last event and usually guys just run what they need to secure their place (Ashton Eaton has run 4:14).  Stephen didn't need to do much to secure his silver and he had no shot at gold so I'm glad he gave it a good shot and won the race anyway.  They actually don't do any middle or long distance training, but I think if he can train consistently through next year he should be able to get to about 4:20 or so.

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                              Awesome!  You mist be very proud.

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                                That's absolutely incredible!  Especially that 1500 m time, he must be really hardworking.  I have such respect for decathletes.

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