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Muckety-Muck Monday Penguins! (Read 33 times)

    Just a quick check in as I don't have much time at the moment. I go back on nights this week, so I'll get to run before work. I have the NOBO class tonight, we're hitting the road for the first time for 1.5 or 2 miles, I hope to get ther early to get in 4-5 beforehand.


    SO, you should come up to Huntsville with Jimmy in May, they have a 5k also.


    Jimmy, good point about the pics.


    Zel, I've got plenty to say and add for you but I need more time. I'll get to your RR for my comments, I've already read it and congrats again, you did great.


    faster than a glacier

      Hog4Life, that's tempting. Are you running the 5K? If so any chance you could pace me like you did for Jimmy? Big grin

      Bin Running

        Awood not looking to add double permanently. Still on leave till Tuesday and I really wanna get closer to the bunny. I reckon 2 runs of shorter dist is better than 1 long run since I've not been running for 9 days. My hamstring is cramping a little at the end of my 2nd run.

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          Hog4Life, that's tempting. Are you running the 5K? If so any chance you could pace me like you did for Jimmy? Big grin


          I'm already signed up for the 10k, but am looking for a reason to sign up for the 5k as well, so the answer is yes, let's do it!


            Scotty- Some graffiti can be very artistic, I think that counts. Congratulations on your 30 year runniversary, by the way Smile


            Jack- Enjoy your rest day. Countdown begins, exciting!


            Bin- Nice work on the 4 miles, way to get back into it!


            Dave- Hope your work day goes by quickly, have fun with the recovery miles.


            Jjr- I saw the picture of the TRX you posted, no idea what it is but you did a great job MacGyvering it.


            Jerry- You just had an amazing half marathon, you deserve a light week to rest.


            Docket- First ultra? I have a terrible memory. I bet even a 5K in Florida heat is an endurance event in itself, I don't know how you manage it.


            Kristin- Have a nice RD!


            Philliefan- I'm glad your last LR went so well, you're going to do amazing! I've been keeping an eye on the Boston "stalking" thread, people have been great about posting updates.


            Traci- Hope you get your 2 miles in. iPod's have a similar picture posting to iPhone's. I realised this when I was on FB, and my daughter was posting pictures of herself doing funny faces from my iPod to my FB. Lol.


            Gustav- Nice weekly total!


            Zelanie- Enjoy your rest day, you deserve it!


            J.Drumm- Congratulations!


            Starting Over- Nice work on increasing your mileage, I hope to be where you are someday! I hope you manage to make your goals in your second 5K, too.


            Lauren- Way to show the motivation, getting up at 6! Weights lingo is lost on me, but I know that poundage deserves a congrats Smile


            Will finish personals soon. I think I caught gastro from LtH's thread, lol. Laid up in bed completely nauseated, but atleast I haven't thrown up in a while. Can't say the same for my youngest, I woke up the morning to her vomiting all over me and the bed. Needless to say, URD for me.


            faster than a glacier


              I'm already signed up for the 10k, but am looking for a reason to sign up for the 5k as well, so the answer is yes, let's do it!


              Bleh, I just realized I'll be on a cruise on Memorial Day. St. Thomas to Huntsville would be a tough commute Cool. Maybe later this summer we can meet up at a race and you can pace me to a nice shiny PR.


              Will run for beer.

                SO42 - Find the restaurant Cuzzin's in St Thomas.  Its a secondary back street fairly local place.  Loved the food there - my DW and I were there back in February.


                AFM - 6.75 miles today.  I was supposed to work until 3 but I needed to get out of there - so I burned my own time and took 3 hours of  "mental health" time.  I was hoping to run and nap and thankful I got in the more beneficial of the two.  I was able to sort out a lot during that run.  Anyone else do that?  I suspect it is a common thing.  Anyway, I feel good.  OH - I did end up taking 1st place in my age group in the 25k I ran Saturday!  Ok ok... I was the only 40-44 year old male to actually get out of bed and go run the race but I'll take what I can get.  LOL


                Have an awesome day.  I'm going to go take advantage of my post-run mental reset and get productive.

                  We spent the afternoon hiking the AT, had an early dinner and felt really relaxed and happy, until we returned home to hear about the horror of Boston.


                  Will run for beer.

                    Yeah...  kinda steals your breath for awhile...

                      I just signed up for a 15k race this weekend that I am not ready for but wanted to do.  I figure to do it as a fun run, just enjoy having company on my run for once and not worry about doing well.  I need to work on starting out slowly, since I don't have a good sense of  pace.  I could have signed up for the 5k or the 15k walk, but since l'lI need a long run anyway, I'd rather do it with people.  Most of the races around here are really small (about 200 people) but with the combination of 5k, 15k, 30k bike ride and 15k walk, there should be a pretty good crowd.


                      I don't know what will happen to me between now and my HM in September.  There are few long races in my area once it warms up.  This may be my only chance to get long race experience before my half.  And after last year's debacle, I'm not even guaranteed making the race in September.  Today's events just reminded me, "life is short, eat dessert first."

                      Dad on the run.

                        Just finished Week 6 Day 1. I told my buddy to pace me and we would try to do 1 mile in the first 10 minute run segment. Then at the end of the workout we were at 2.6 miles. I told him to lets run the second half of the cool down and try and hit 3.1 so he could do his first 5k distance.


                        Well we did both goals. We ran a 9:57m/m the first 10 minute segment and he finished 3.1 miles in 38:16. He was really excited. I can't wait until he is done with this program and see how well he does in his first 5k.

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                          Hi, guys.  Spent the afternoon stalking my Boston friends and then watching the heartbreaking scenes.


                          I did 5 miles and weights.



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                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          Miles to Go

                            First time in short sleeves today.  5 @ 9:58 on the bike path. Felt great until last mile when a biker stopped us and told us what happened in Boston.  Hurried home (9:28) to check on our neighbor and his daughter who were in Boston.  He had posted on daily mile and they were both safe, 2 blocks from the finish line.  That is too close.



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                              No run for me today, allergies are killing me, so I took another rest day.  I'll run tomorrow, but now it will be with a heavy heart and my thoughts on those in Boston.


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