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Who else is running in front of a tv right now??? (NCAA) (Read 38 times)


Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

    How good is this?  If the 2nd half flops, I gotta say that is a great close to the first half!  What a run by Louisville!


    It's nice outside but I gotta run tonight on the tmill at least until I can figure out how to hover a aTV in front of my face while I run.


    google glasses maybe?


    Big grin


    Camp Muir

      All I have to say is Louisville smuiville. GO BLUE!



        Run?  I didn't even stand once that whole first half lmao!

          On one hand, I want it to go down to the wire. On the other hand, I do not want one of those final 2 minutes that lasts a half hour.



          Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

            Well, I can say it certainly helped my run.  The only parts that sucked were the commercials cuz I started thinking about running.  When the game was being played, it was like running on air.....especially when that pace got frantic.


            Now it's time to slow things down a little bit.  Tune down some of the green gain and offset on the boob tube and get ready to enjoy all that Augusta National has to offer.


            Is it time for Tiger to get fitted for the green jacket once more?