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Leadville Trail Marathon (Just the Marathon) RR, pics (Read 96 times)


    What a tough, but stunningly beautiful course.  Great job and congrats on your first marathon.  Thanks for taking the time and effort to get those pictures.  I loved seeing them.

    Life is good.

      nice RR, good pics, great race.


      you are braver than me. my 1st marathon was houston. It was the flattest one I could find in my area.


      keep up the good work.

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        That is a crazy looking race. I like how you broke it into sections. Congrats.

          Congrats on your first marathon! I loved reading your report and seeing the pictures. Keep up the good work! Smile

          5k - 25:15 (11/18/12)

          10k - 1:01:51 (2/14/15)

          10mi - 1:33:18 (3/2/14)

          HM - 2:06:12 (3/24/13)


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            The pics are amazing, great report, congrats!


            Go figure

              Congratulations on your first!  That's funny how confused people were about what race you did, but I guess I can understand it.  The pictures are awesome, and it looks like it would have been a lot of fun to do.  It sounded like you had a lot of watch starting troubles - gotta work on that ha.  Great time overall and glad you enjoyed it so much.

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