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Race Report - The Walt Disney World Marathon (Read 127 times)


    Congratulations on your first marathon!  You really did well at the self motivating talk, which surely did contribute to your success.  That shout out to your wife was so crazy sweet!  Glad you got such nice pictures and memories.  (and I bet this is only the beginning of your marathon running!)


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    Bad Ass

      I commend anyone who can run 26 miles in warm and humid weather!


      In D's race report, I thought army dude was a statue. 


      He was a real dude. And he yelled pretty loud.



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        Congratulations!  I think all the hard work you did in training really paid off for you!  And too funny that you had the energy (and silliness) to do those pushups!


        I can't wait to read about marathon #2!