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Goal race-FAIL. Baton Rouge Beach HM (Read 408 times)

    With all of the trouble you've had in training season so far, you did very well today!  Sorry that you felt so crummy, but way to hang in there!

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      Good job toughing it out!


      Galloway definitely hexed you!

        Still a good time though, blame it on Galloway.


          Well done Misty! I can't imagine running a HM while nauseous. The only time I ever dry heaved at a half was after the finish. (It was a hell of a kick.) Way to hang in there. You're going to get that 1:50 next time!


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            Congrats on toughing it out and finishing even though you were feeling sick.

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              Misty, I don't think that was a fail at all.  You were sick.  The fact that you felt like hell and were still comfortably under two hours is quite a success in my opinion.  And I agree with eddiemoto that now you've got a story to tell!  Life's all about the stories.  Smile 



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                Dang, seems like the viral infection had just one more act for you.  That is really not the way you want to go viral!


                Sorry your race did not go as planned, but IMHO you did great, and are one tough cookie, showing such determination and persistence!  Glad that lady came along to help you right when you needed it! 


                I guess - SIIIIIIGH - I'll never be able to chase your Great Legs Cry ... I'm one of those run/walk people.       That, along with the fact that I'm slower than a turtle, lol...    Wink

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                  me too, I especially want to hear the part about baton rouge having a 'beach'!


                  Sorry about the Galloway hex.

                    +1 on each of these.  I've been to B.R. many times, but seen no beach.  Maybe they meant sandbar out in the middle of the lake.


                  Congrats Misty on finishing.  If nothing else, your 'take away' will be never, ever think, much less say that Gallowalking is for the mediocre.  That's John Bingham's job.


                    Congratulations on finishing despite how you were feeling.


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                      That Galloway...  Hes a bad, bad man!  ; )


                      But really though, at least if you had to have a bad race, it was from something that you couldn't do anything about, as opposed to something you'd be kicking yourself for weeks over.  Also, in your next race, when you get to the point of thinking, "This sucks!" you can tell yourself, "yeah, but not as bad as the last one"- and realize that if you gutted through that, you can gut it out through anything!  You did a great job pushing in spite of the lousiness, and how nice of that lady to give you a boost when you needed it!  Cute swag, I especially like the chicken print ribbon on the medal.  : )

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                        You had no control over what happened, so try not to feel too bad about it. You still managed an excellent time despite feeling ill. You deserve major congratulations!

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                          Thanks for all the encouragement Smile.


                          The area around the LSU University lakes is called Baton Rouge Beach...I have no idea why. And Galloway is the devil Smile



                          Bless your heart.

                            Great report, and nice job setting up the to be continued... suspense, apparently (I missed that part).  But especially, congrats for hanging in there to the finish!  Lots of us would have bagged it at the first puke.  Now, think about how much better you're gonna do when you're not sick!

                            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.