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Trot for Trykes 10k RR - PR! (Read 72 times)


    April, awesome pic.  Huge grats on the PR.  I'm so glad for you.








    Go figure

      Awesome effort. Your pacing was really good. Do you think if you hadn't had to deal with that hill you could have kept sub9 for the last 2 miles? Regardless, you're making great progress and I've loved watching you smartly build your miles. I'm happy that you got this nice reward for your efforts.

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        I enjoyed reading through your RR and a big congrats to you on the PR! I don't know what it is about AG shifts, but there always seems to be the fastest people in mine as well - There's a local HM that I had thought about running (but didn't work out in my training plan) and in my 45-49 bracket there were 5 in the top 10 overall ... 3 with sub 1:35 times!

        Train smart ... race smarter.

          Brava, AprilRunner! Great cause.



            Good for you, you have been working your butt off and it's paying off!


            Nice pic!

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              Mitch, Gus, Robert, Damaris, Scott, redrum, Scotty, Shirfan, Dave, Luke, Basya, Rick, thanks!! Smile


              SIAR, I like to think that I'd have been able to at least hold the magic "around 9mm" pace, but I really don't know. I was pretty spent, but that hill kinda killed me too. Thanks for your kind words. Smile


              Bruce, Thanks, and I know, people are crazy! I have a friend in his 50's who runs around a 1:40 HM. My only solace is in the fact that by the time I'm 50 (when the ladies slow back down) I SHOULD be nailing some AG awards, since by then I'll have been running for over 20 years. Big grin


                That is such a fantastic picture of you! Congratulations on your great finish time and PR! Keep on training smart like you have been doing and I predict a whole season of PRs for you!

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                  Amazing job April!!! Congrats! And what a great cause! I work with children with special needs, so it is really amazing to know a race like this exists!

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                    Way to go, April. It feels great to pr!! Even better, the bright orange shirt is awesome.  Smile

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                      Solid improvement on your 10K time, April!  Nicely done.  I hate it when hills pop up out of nowhere.



                        Great job April, and an awesome pic to boot!


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                          Thanks, you guys. Truly. Smile


                          Official results were posted!

                          Gun time: 56:06 (I'll take it)

                          F30-39: 9/13

                          F Overall: 21/54

                          Overall: 54/94


                          5th 30-39 overall finished just over a minute ahead of me. The list went: F33, M47, M45, F33, F35, F32, and then me, LOL.


                            I smell an AG award in your near future!   Congratulations on a great time in race with such a worthy cause.  Nice picture too!


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