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Race Report and Photos: Wenatchee Washington Turkey Trot 5K and more (Read 226 times)


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    So happy to see you!

      Yay! Scotty made it over here!  Hey Doc did put an APB out on you.  I'm so glad you found us. 



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      Barking Mad To Run

        Thanks everyone!  Glad I found y'all too!  Looks much "cleaner" over here. 

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          Great to see that the dog guy and dawg girl both made it!


            Yay! Very nice pictures Smile Bet it made for a "nice" change to run in cold weather rather than hot and humid!

            Run Long and Perspire

              Glad you made it here!  They won't let you post photos, so you need to upload them to RWOL or some place like


              Great pictures!  But it does sound cold!  I can't believe you ran in shorts! Joking

              PRs: 5K: 25:31 / 10K: 53:03 / 10mi: 1:26:15 / HM: 1:55:02 / FM: 4:45:55


                Yay, great to have you here too!



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                  Great RR Scotty!  Beautiful pictures!  Thanks for sharing.



                  Upcoming races:

                  Covenant Health Knoxville 5K 4/7/13 (and cheering on DH for his 1st Marathon!!)

                  Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon 7/21/13

                  Tower of Terror Ten Miler 10/5/13



                    My main man, wassup!


                    Okay girls, make those legs pretty.  Scotty likes to chase 'em!

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