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Illinois Half Marathon Race Report (Read 78 times)


    Thanks so much for the replies and encouragement, everyone.  Hearing (well, reading) people who know what they are talking about saying that I have any chance at all of someday qualifying for Boston makes me determined to put in the work I need to put in to do it.  Thanks for that !


    Redrum, I typically try to run 6 days a week and I spread out the mileage fairly evenly.  My "long run" will usually be 10-11 miles on Saturday with the other 5 days varying between 5 to 8 miles.  I usually take Monday or Tuesday off.  Like I said I don't really plan my speedwork, but as I was looking at my log I saw that I usually will have a speedy day the day after my rest day.  I also like to try to kick it up a notch on Friday before my long run because I like to practice getting used to running longer on tired legs.  When I start training marathon training in June for my 3rd marathon,  I will be working up to a peak of about 60 miles and will distribute the mileage in such a way as to have a longer (between 11 and 14 miles) midweek run along with the Saturday long runs up to 22 miles.


    Thanks again, everyone.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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      Great job hitting sub-2!!


      Don't call me Buttercup!

        Congratulations!  Also, so glad that you didn't die trying! =)

        Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

          Congrats on getting well under two!  Sounds like you did a really nice job trusting yourself and how you were feeling mid-race and letting yourself run ahead since it was your day!

            Way to go! Bet it felt pretty good coming down the stretch seeing that clock starting with a 1!



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              Congrats on the sub 2.   You really hung in there at the end.  Hope there are lots of Illini touchdowns in that endzone next fall.

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                Congrats! Great job!


                  Congrats on that sub 2!

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                    I think you have a very good chance of running a BQ if you'll keep running 40-50 mpw and keep doing speed work.  Don't be afraid of occasionally doing some short, fast stuff like strides, "repetition" workouts, and hill sprints.  Sounds like you had a terrific race.  Congrats.


                    I agree 100% with what Brad said.


                    I'm so happy for you! Good serious training always pays off. You did so well! And I bet the PRs will be coming fast from now on. Smile Sub-2 is definitely a milestone!

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                      Congratulations!  Also, so glad that you didn't Di Trying! =)


                      FYP!  Cool


                        Congratulations!  Great job!

                        Ms Chenandler Bong

                          Congratulations!!!   That's awesome that your smashed your goal time!

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                          Go figure

                            Congratulations on beating your goal, especially by so much.  Sometimes I think it helps just to be totally focused on a singular goal for a race.  If you need to accept not making it, then you can do that after the race and still feel good too.  I love that you said the heck with that side stitch and just went and got that time.  Keep up the awesome work.

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                              Wow amazing job!! Sub-2:00 half that is an awesome milestone! Congrats!!

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