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how do you wave with a sack of dog poop in your hand (Read 186 times)


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    Naturally Bodie had to take care of some personal business on the run at the furthest point away from the house this morning. I think he does that on purpose so I have to run the rest of the way with a bright green sack of what my dad calls "dog mess" in my hand.


    There were 3 places I could have gotten rid of it, one at a house being remodeled with a big waste container in the yard and two people who are either lazy or on vacation who left their trash cans on the street. All three times someone was around and I flaked and didn't toss it. Usually I figure you leaving your trash can on the street days after trash day or even on trash day for that matter is your way of implying that you're ok with me throwing a bag of dog mess in your trash, but only if you don't happen to be raking leaves in the yard at the time.


    Now generally I wave all friendly at the cars that don't run over me so there I was running along with a bag of dog mess and well waving it at people. That doesn't seem right. Actually it seems a bit like some sort of bizarre threat. I could go with the cool upward sup sort of nod but nah. Maybe they're just happy that they won't be stepping in that later.


    Also I learned that if I know I'm going to pass by somewhere so I ditch the bag in the gutter then forget it and have to go back after it, I really should take the dog. It just seemed odd to be walking down the street with a poop sack in my hand and no dog.


    could be I'm over thinking this



    “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who

      "could be I'm over thinking this"


      Perhaps just a smidgen.

      Short term goal: 17:59 5K

      Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

      Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).


      levitation specialist

        "could be I'm over thinking this"


        Perhaps just a smidgen.

         Lol! Yeah, that!


        Cereal though, just toss the dang sack in a trash can that you come across. It never occurred to me that it would bother the trash can's owner. At least you picked it up! My fave is when a dog actually goes ON the pavement and the owner leaves it. Like really? It is where people walk for crying out loud, not in the grass by the side of a tree!

          Since a lot of the people in my neighborhood who walk their dogs don't clean up after them, I figure my blue bag is something of a badge of honor, as well as a reminder that responsible pet owners do clean up after their dogs.  Since we walk our dog twice a day, and everyone knows us, it also says that, "No, I'm not the one responsible for the poop on the common area, don't blame me."


          I wouldn't toss the bag into a homeowner's can, since it can get very smelly, especially in summer, but I think I would have tossed it into the construction site bin since that's open to the air. 


          never runs the tangents

            This time of year there are a lot of leaves around. I think people think it doesn't count if it's disguised by leaves like oh sure I'm not going to get that on my shoe.

            “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who


            Jess runs for bacon

              True story: at the rail trail by my house, someone bags the poo then throws it into the trees (in the bag). Those bags get caught on branches for everyone to see.


              I'd seriously rather have them not pick up the poo than do that. Yuck.


              Just throw it in someone's trash. It wouldn't bother me, unless the bag was open and poo got everywhere.



              dog person

                I've run up to three miles while carrying a fresh load in my hand. If I can't find a public trash bin, I'll put in a home side bin, I do always make sure its tied up and all pretty.

                Sometimes it's confusing, if I'm not familiar with the trash pick up service and they have like three different colored bins out, I don't want to toss in the wrong one!




                  I'd have ditched it in the remodeling dumpster.


                  Another option would be a dog pannier for Bodie ... that way he can carry his own bag of shame and your hands are free to wave at passing cars. 

                  Train smart ... race smarter.


                  never runs the tangents

                    What is really helpful is when we run a race together and DH is there for KP duty. He gets laughed at for running with a bag, but a couple of times weve had people cheering outside their homes actually take it and throw it away for us. That seems particularly nice of them.

                    “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Doctor Who

                      To answer your question, I would say go wave very carefully! For my dog I tie the poo bag with a slip loop type knot and then slide it onto his leash and pull the knot tight.