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Marathoners: Sore the Next Day? (Read 106 times)



    When first I started running north of 16 miles, there was definitely some soreness going on there the next day.  Nothing too ridiculous, but let's just say I was happy I took Mondays off.


    Each time I ran a distance a subsequent time however, it wasn't so bad.

    delicate flower

      Yes, you'll be sore as hell.  But, it is beautiful and glorious.


        Its less about the miles and more about the intensity of the run.


        ITA. The distance on a flat course will leave me feeling fine. The same distance on a course that undulates more than a belly dancer in a mosh pit? Not so much.


          I have run 8 of them. I was very sore after my first which was my hilliest course as well. To get food after, we had to go down stairs. I was watching all these people before clinging to the railings which looked cruel. When I got out of the car, I did the same thing. Next day a few meetings and more stairs. I came back the following year, and ran others but I was never that sore again.