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    Awood, you got that sub 25 no problem, I'll be waiting to hear about it.


    She Can, Cheri, you're doing a full soon, right? How long did it take you to work up the length of your LR's? I'm playing with the idea, but after a 15 mile LR a coue weeks ago, I'm having doubts.


    Lauren, don't worry about this one, your health is much more important. There will be plenty more halves outh available when your ready.



    Bad Ass

      Awood, good luck!


      Who else is racing?


      I ended up with an SRD/URD, although I'm doing lunges, pushups, situps, and pullups for my streak.



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

      Bin Running

        Happy birthday, Scotty. May your tails keep on wagging for many more years!


        Lauren, I think you are man enough to call off the apr HM. Focus on recovering now.

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          So I am all dressed and ready to go for my run, I step outside, BAM!  the sky opened up and it has been pouring ever since. I will try again in the morning before DD's track meet. Actually, two rest days in a row won't hurt me.


          Smaller By The Day

            Happy b-day Scotty!


            That sucks Jack.


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              Happy early birthday Scotty!


              Awood, glad you made it home safe!


              Aww, thanks for the support guys Smile I think I've known for a while in the back of my mind that I'd probably not be able to run the HM, just finally accepted it today after talking to the coach and getting his opinion. Legs have been good so I'm excited to start building the miles slowly without a race looming over my head.