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Are you running more (Read 449 times)


    I've actually been running less lately.  My vagina has been KILLING me. Cry









        I've actually been running less lately.  My vagina has been KILLING me. Cry

        Yes, Luke, your vagina has been killing all of us (I don't know what this means but I thought it needed to be said).


          I never saw anyone's running log. I posted my first run here yesterday, 13 years of runs are on Excel. However I ran my second most ever in 2012 only because of better health.


          Fear is a Liar

            I have not run since last year!

            I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

              Yes, but not because of log on RA. First time running during winter and i have a race on Jan 19th.

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              delicate flower

                I finally got all my Jan-Oct data loaded to RA so my numbers have gone up for the year as a result.  Prior to that upload, the only data I had loaded here was what was on my watch when I first synched.


                YAYpril - B-Plus

                  I finally got around to importing all of my data from Dailymile (I started using DM late 2010). I'm also running more consistently. But not because of the log. Just because I NEED to if I want to set a massive PR in my HM at the end of April and run my first marathon in September.


                  Miles to Go

                    I am running more because my wife is running more.

                     Last::                    8/27    Fort2 Base 10NM, Great Lakes, IL   

                     Next:                  10/22     ScotiaBank Waterfront HM       


                      I keep my log on my google calendar.


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                        I've actually been running less lately.  My vagina has been KILLING me. Cry


                        You should really consider getting that checked out.

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                          Not any more than I have to Smile My knees prefer that I stay on my bike or swim, but to answer the question seriously...yes, I am bringing up the mileage some this season to be able to better compete at Oly and possibly Half IM distance races.

                          Canadian princess

                            Not really. I cut back at Thanksgiving to do a rwoing challenge and now I am only running.


                              I don't have a log here, or anywhere else. I'm stubborn and I will die with probably 50 paper logs. They will be burried with me. Not interested either in seeing what others are doing. I do my own thing, as I have always done. Did I tell you that I am stubborn? Big grin


                              Yes, spring marathons are probably the reason for this increase in overall mileage that you are seeing.


                              Big grin


                              and +1 (I'm exactly same).

                              Slow and steady never wins anything.

                                I have no idea. I started logging miles here in mid-November. Before here? i just made mental notes.