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Pre Race Checklist for Those Running This Weekend (Read 84 times)

    For those running this weekend, here's your pre-race checkist courtesy of Pace per Mile:




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      Whoop ass.  LOL.

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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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        Pass that Whoop Ass this way!

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          LIKE! Big grin


          hop, hop, hop...

            Awesome. Remind me not to forget this for my race later this month!

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              Ummm its missing quite a few things for me


              Swim trunks

              Swim Cap



              Bike Helmet



              but I could use some of that race whoop ass for sure Smile


                Bleached and Enriched Whoop Ass!

                YAYpril - B-Plus

                  This is a little overdue, but by the RR's I read this weekend, the can of race whoopass really works! 5 stars.


                    And don't forget to bandage your tits.

                      In my parts, it's called whupass. One word.



                        In my parts, it's called whupass. One word.


                        In my parts it's in a can.  No matter though, pass it this way!