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Reports and Photos: Three 5Ks Done on New Year's Day (Read 250 times)


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    Nice job Scotty!  Go get a foot massage!


      Scotty, you don't waste time! You've started 2013 with a bang!

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        That's impressive, even without the issue of arthritis that you have! I was sure your last 5k was going to be slower, but you surprised me! Way to start the year in style!



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          Scotty you have so much energy!  Great reports and races, and lots of congratulations to you!  Loved the New Year's tiaras in the midnight race.  Your Gail is such a hottie and looked awesome in her tiara   That 2nd race looked very cold to me.  Can't believe you got up that early to be there after after racing at midnight.  And awesome job  on even finishing that 3rd race.  Loved this pic and did the guy on the right shed weight as he ran?




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            Awesome job Scotty!


            I may have missed it somewhere, but what was the final race count for 2012?

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            Next up:

            4/27 - Green 6.2 10K

              Scotty,  I think it's really a testament to your consistency week after week that you were able to run your third race so close to the time of your first (and faster than #2!).  Clearly all of the work that you do has paid off and that's evident here!


              I loved the trees along the course for #3, and the bib numbers for everyone!  Good thing they didn't use bib numbers for door prizes!


              Miles to Go

                New shorts look great, Scott. !!!!

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