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Schmules? Pfft (Read 166 times)



    Rule # 1: Pics or it didn't happen!


    Rule # 2: See Rule # 1.


    Rule # 3: Have you been paying attention?  There are no rules!  We are adults, act accordingly.


    But bear in mind that what offends one may not offend another, so if there is an issue with a post or thread contact an admin(s) who will try their best to see things your way.


    If for some reason they do not see things your way, do not take it personal.  This is after all just the internet, and no different here than in the real world not everyone sees everything the same way. That does not mean that one is right or the other is wrong, it's just how it goes sometimes.


    But despite any differences in opinion, ultimately your continued presence is welcomed and appreciated.


    Having said that if you get censored, kicked or banned for something you posted, do not act an ass on the forum.  Contact an admin(s) instead who again, will try their best to see things your way.


    If however for whatever reason you prefer to act an ass then by all means have at it, as we are simply not being paid enough to worry over it...


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    Good health and happy running to all!