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Gym Membership for Kids (Read 111 times)


    So I was out in San Francisco this weekend for my FIL's 84th birthday, and of course I'm sitting on the end of the table with the kids. My 16 yo niece and my 12 yo nephew start talking about school athletes and then working out in general and my nephew starts talking about some kid who he calls a "scrub" because he doesn't have a gym membership, and lifts weights in his garage.


    So I said "wait a minute, I started lifting weights when i was 13 and I didn't have a gym membership. All I had was a barbell with about 80 lbs of weights and i used to lift in my basement. Does that make me a scrub?". Stupid question because of course they both said "YES" instantly.


    My BIL came to the rescue though and said "You had weights? All we had in my basement when i was a kid were roaches. We had to lift bags of roaches to get in shape!" Then the convo went on from there.


    But I mean really, kids are looked down upon by other kids if they don't have gym memberships? I guess that's a good thing, because at least they care about fitness and are doing it the right way. It was just sort of a shock to me.


    So who here has teenage kids,and do they have gym memberships? Did your kids ask you for memberships because their friends all had them?


    On a related and more disturbing note, the kids also told me that "most" of the HS athletes are on steroids and testosterone shots. Do you think this is true?

      I wonder if the kids are on their parents' gym membership as a family deal, so maybe the kids without gym memberships are the ones whose families can't afford a gym for anybody in the family?


      I don't know what's normal around here, but we have a little workout room in our neighborhood, so my daughter uses that plus has access to the weight room at her high school.  I'm sure she knows people who have access to some of the more stuffy gyms in town, but at least in her circle, it's not like everybody needs to meet at the club or something.  At least among the girls, anyway.


      Haven't heard a thing one way or the other about steroids/testosterone, but then again I have a girl.


        We have a cheap $10 gym in my town, but the equipment is great. However it also means that a lot of HS kids are there. They aren't a pain, it just means more people using my machines but I have a sysytem so it works. I would suggest asking your kids if they want to go. Go in the beginning with them, and then hook them up with a PT for the free session. Kids are more likely to go if their friends are. I admire the kids who go by themselves as it shows their dedication.


        I have been aware of 20+ year olds using steroids in various gyms but not sure about HS kids. A friend is a dr. who treats them after they drop them. She can walk into the gym we both went to, and often see clients she saw at work.


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          We have a family membership for the local Y.  The machines and free weights are for 14 and up so she is limited in what she can do.  She hits the pool to splash and play when I use the indoor track.  At the Y, kids over 10 can be in the pool without an adult as they have a life guard staff.


          In my area there are very few if any gym's that cater to the younger kids.  The HS has a field house that has open hours the kids can use outside of school sports times as well.

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            When I was a teenager, I went to the Y to use the gym with my mom and sister. But I also played sports and since lifting isn't a focus for young girls, it was never really an area where peer pressure or judgment came into play. I don't remember hearing about boys in high school talking about steroids. In fact, I'd be shocked if I found out any of my friends that played sports were involved with any of that. Many of them have built their careers on their athleticism since then, so if it had been going on, I'm sure someone would've said soemthing. But, I graduated high school ten years ago. Lots has changed even that little amount of time.


            When my 3-year-old starts asking for HGH, I'll let you know.

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            So I'm currently sitting with a bag of frozen corn in my ass.


              1 thing that impresses me is the amount of college girls and younger working out in the free weight area. This is an interesting trend that I haven't see before.

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                We have a family membership and I would think our kids will go when they are older but who knows?  I do see quite a few teenage kids, especially in the afternoon.  But, our gym is called "the family place" and has an outdoor water park, plus competitive swimming and diving teams so you expect that.  As far as steroids, it wouldn't surprise me.  I know a lot of high school athletes around here are using Toradol frequently, especially during games so they can keep's sad!

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                The Mc

                  I started working out at the jr. high school as part of the off season football training program.  I eventually sprung for a YMCA membership and used their equipment.


                  As for the second part of your post, I believe steriod use is rampant in HS sports.  The kids that were two years behind me in HS (and this is quite a few years ago) were all busted for using.  Not just one or two kids, but the majority of the team.

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                    I'm pretty sure I started going to the gym the summer before my freshman year of college under a family plan. I remember being one of the younger people there. I used that gym every summer during college and it did seem like there were more young people as the years went on.


                    As for steroids, I'm pretty sure no one was on them in my (private) high school - or, at least, no one on my teams were. That was about seven years ago, so things may have changed since then.

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                      I think it's great that kids are in to sports and lifting. Count me in the camp that looks down upon kids criticizing others for not having a gym membership. They should count their blessings.

                      - Andrew


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                        We have a gym membership for our kids.  It's called the back yard.


                          My BIL came to the rescue though and said "You had weights? All we had in my basement when i was a kid were roaches. We had to lift bags of roaches to get in shape!" Then the convo went on from there.


                          My favorite weights were those that we used during winter training on the crew team my freshman year at college.  Two coffee cans filled with cement stuck on the ends of a metal bar.  Who needs anything fancy when you have those things for barbells plus an erg machine (and the exorcist steps when it wasn't too icy)?


                          That was 50 pounds ago (for me not the weights), but man did I love using those for some reason.


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                            I started lifting weights when I was 13 or 14, with my dad, who was the athletic director of my school district.  I always just lifted at the school weight room.  For one, my parents weren't going to pay extra for a gym membership when I already had a place I could work out for free (even though I'm sure we could have afforded it).  I remember our school weight room, wrestling room, and gym being open until close to 9 at night, for sports practices, but they weren't closed off to other people unless a time slot had been reserved by a full team in advance, so I could go whenever.  Through high school, my friends and the kids I considered in my circle and cool just worked out there, because we were all athletes.  It was a good place to work out, but also a good place to meet up with my friends.  I think the only time I had a gym membership in high school was in the summertime before my senior year when a local gym had a 3 month special ($99 for 99 days), and my friend and I signed up because it was inexpensive.  I am pretty sure I had to pay for it myself with money I earned working.

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                              Another with a Y family membership here, so my 14 yo works there. Scary to hear about the possible huge use of PED's amongst H.S. kids. That is one reason I'm promoting my son's flying lessons. He knows if he ever gets busted for much of anything his chances of a career in aviation go way down.

                              delicate flower

                                "Damn kids these days!"  *shakes fist*


                                I'd play outside from sunup to sundown.  Pickup games of baseball, basketball, and football every day.  There was never a shortage of other kids around.  Growing up in the projects had it's advantages.


                                I agree with RSX about kids in the weights area at the gym.  I'm at the gym around 4:00 every day and it's overrun with high school kids.  Generally speaking though, they are polite.  They call me "Sir."  Sad  It's funny though to use a cardio machine and observe them.  They spend a lot of time watching themselves in the mirror while flexing, though they try to be disceet about it.  And, it's not about getting a good workout or proper's all about moving the most amount of weight possible, however you have to do it.  Big grin