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Lump Off

    Hey all- I found you!! And...I even had an account over here already and managed to forget that little fact. Anyways, I was luckily completely away from RW during the switchover so managed to escape the worst of the spam but I've just not warmed up to the new forum upgrade. There are so many things wrong with it.


    I checked out the RA forums and I like them. I cracked up at the WCrunner exchange; it took them 2 seconds to get him figured out and they were so funny about it; not creepy or anything, just funny.

  I am and really, I am going to start running again. I'm just a poser for now but - the post sickness coughing is gone and...well, I have no excuse for not running. I just forgot how to or something like that.


    gustav-your avatar is awesome!


    We have a facebook group?  Oh my, aren't we just spreading out wings?  Link please?


    Lanie - thank you for keeping us together through our travels; once again proving what a great team captain you are.


    Anyways - hi team and glad to see you all again.

    not lazy, just tired

      Hi Everyone, and welcome superbunny! Ran 6.5 miles yesterday morning in damp spring like weather. Today no running - skiing in damp spring like weather (44° and chance of rain). Where's winter gone? It was here last week. Guess that's New England for you.

      Not if it makes sense.


      Run Lanie, Run!

        SB! Welcome to the "new" location! I am going to still post in both places for the next couple of weeks, will just see how things go over at RWOL...Yes we have a FB post too, not sure how to get on there, just look for TEAM MRT??? Even though I started it, I'm not sure how others can get on board. Here's the link...!/groups/470208139685171/ Now, get your butt in gear and get out there!


        SLD--great miles yesterday!


        Great run for me this morning! I went 5.4 miles and ran 1.5 of it (solid running) in 18:19 which is 40 seconds faster that I did the same thing last week! Felt better too! The rest of the time I was either walking or run/walking so got in a good workout overall! Rest day tomorrow then will do the same thing on Thursday!

        Slymoon Runs

        race obsessed

          Looks like the Miles game has a specific User Group.  If only we could move this thread to there:


          Run Lanie, Run!

            I went in created a thread for us folks! Im on my tablet so will post the link tomorrow from my desktop!