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Help me with my HM pace (Read 97 times)


    I posted this a couple of places because I don't know the best place to post it.  Any help is appreciated!


    Some of you know I'm trying to figure out my pace for my upcoming HM.  I've been running since June and run/walking for about a year.  My mileage the last couple of months has been in the 20-25 per week range.  I frequently run 4-6 miles and I've done a 10, a couple of 9's and several 8's. I am slow.  I originally just hoped to finish.  However, my training has gone well and I think I can do it in less than 3 hours.  I will be running the whole time (barring some big blow up).  I'm trying to figure out how to pace myself.  I went out WAYYY fast in my 5k but hung on fairly well, but usually I'm very steady.  I think I ran the first half mile in about 5 min., which was faster than I've ever run.  I was shocked to find out that I can run a 5k at that speed and 5 miles at the speed below as well.  Please help me figure this out!


    I ran my first 5k last week and it went great.  My pace was 11:28.  On Sat. I ran 8 miles, the first 5 at 12:42 and the last 3 at 13:50.  I felt great and am certain I could have maintained that 13 something pace for several more miles.  McMillan says 2:49:00 or a 12:54 pace based on my 5k time.  Based on the 5 miles, it says 2:57:19 or 13:32 pace.  I really want to be below 3 hours but of course, I want to be faster, if possible.  Should I start out at 13:00 or 13:30?  Do you really try to run it evenly?  I feel like sub 3 is reasonable for me.  Any suggestions?


    Thanks for everyone's help!  I have been full of questions while training!



    Bin Running

      I would start out first 3 miles @ 13:30.. If you feel good, crank it up to 13:00 from there onwards. Revaluate at 10 miles whether is there a need to slow to 13:30 or maybe put in more effort at try to complete @ 12:45..

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        Agreed with Bin. 5k is not a good indicator of your ability right now. You slowed down over a minute per mile to cover 2 more miles from the 5k distance. Your endurance is not there yet. What pace did you average for your 10 milers? I would go out at that pace.

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          I am a proponent of running by effort rather than pace so my suggestion is to start out at what feels like a comfortable, sustainable effort.  Then, back it down a notch.  At your mileage level, you need to ration your energy expenditure.  When you reach Mile 5, assess how you feel.  If you feel relaxed and bored, feel free to pick it up a bit.  If you feel a slight bit of fatigue, then stay where you are.  If you are starting to struggle, back down a lot.  At Mile 10, assess how you feel.  If you feel relaxed but slightly fatigued, feel free to run as hard as you can for the last 3.1 miles.  If you feel fairly fatigued, then just hang on.  If you are struggling, back down.  If you are struggling a lot, then the last 3.1 miles are going to be fairly miserable and will include a lot of walking.

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