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Why do so many runners frown upon the TM? (Read 237 times)

Bad Ass

    I once ran 18 miles on the TM.  Apart from breaking a sub hour half marathon, it was so boring I have never been the same since.


    Maybe that's why the last time I ran on a TM was in May of 2011.


    I don't frown on it at all. I have a very good quality one right in my basement along with the weight set and

    bike trainer and I avoid it at all costs!LOL


    I actually admire people that can run more than 3 miles on the  treadmill because after that I'm wanting to kill

    myself. Even with the TV to watch. O the other hand I can spend 2 hours on the bike trainer without a problem.


    I just do not enjoy any part of any run I've ever done on a treadmill and I've owned it since 2006.


    I used it about 10 times/winter when the temps are really really cold and I absolutley cannot run outside

    or snow/ice prevents it. I often change up my weekly schedule to allow me to run without using the



    I did walk on it a lot last Feb when I was coming back from my surgery and could not run at all.


    I cannot run as fast on the treadmill as I do outdoors and it's the only time I end up with aches and

    pains after running.


    It's just not my thing.



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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


    Chasing Rainbows

      I've owned a TM for over 10 years and find it to be an invaluable training tool.  I use it for about 6 months of the year when the roads are icy.

      Every year I have to adjust when making the switch from running outside to the TM.  When I first switch over to the TM in the fall, I really dislike it and can't understand how I ever previously tolerated running on it but after 2-3 weeks, I adjust to it and then it's fine.  And after a few more weeks, I actually begin to enjoy running on the TM.

      Of course I'm always happy when the snow melts in the spring and I can run outside again but until then, I'd rather run on my TM than not run at all.

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        I've never heard or read anything which indicates anyone looks down on treadmill runners... ?


        I'm not a fan of the treadmill because it just seems so much harder.  A necessary tool?  Definitely.  This winter I'm trying to work in some doubles by using the TM before work, and running outside after work to decrease the amount of time I'm out in the rain and dark.


          I just logged 6 on the TM yesterday because we didn't get past -5 here. I hated it. I had to do 400's and I found it awkward to to push the damn button when I had to sprint and wait till it hit 9.5. I would lose the distance view and would have to go an extra couple clicks to make up for the loss. I give mad props to those who can handle the TM for any length of time. I finished and started walking away from the TM and felt like I was gliding. Strange feeling.

          Oh I was told by a Trainer at the gym that I needed to put the incline on 2.0 to get the "outside" effect? Weird.


          Jess runs for bacon

            If you would have asked me three months ago, I would have said I don't mind it. It still doesn't really bother me, but my treadmill is currently being a shithead. It's a cool thing, you can download google maps on it. You pick a route, it'll incline and decline depending on where you are, and it shows on the screen the Google Streetview. Very nice, and there's all sorts of crazy buttons to play with. Of course right after Thanksgiving iFit decided they needed to update the entire website. Now pretty much everyone's machine has been on the fritz. Sigh. I still have two maps that work (the ones that were preloaded) and it still works like a normal TM.


            Anyway, rant aside, I don't know any runner who looks down at those who run on the TM, they just don't like running on it themselves. Personally I'm really happy I have my own (and a good one). I really don't like to run at night by myself and in the winter it's dark by the time I get home.



              So where are all these people that look down on TM runners?



                I have never run on one, but I certainly don't look down on anyone who does.  If you are getting out there and running - somehow, someway - well, I pretty much think that is freaking fantastic.  Whether it is running outside, on a TM, or on an indoor track, who cares?  So there are people out there who frown on you for doing what you do: why bother worrying about what they think?  Not worth it.  Do your thing!

                Refurbished Hip

                   Apart from breaking a sub hour half marathon



                  Dang, Damaris, when did you get so fast?  Smile

                  The Mc

                    I finally freed mine from the evil clutches of my ex wife.  Set up down in the basement, and while it is boring as hell staring at the wall, I was loving the fact that I can run inside on a 1 degree day.

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                    Hip Redux

                      Hanging out with Big Foot (trail running, of course)?


                      So where are all these people that look down on TM runners?


                      Bad Ass

                        Only on the TM does it get so easy.  Although it was a sub 2 hour marathon.  Apparently, I was starving and ate the 2 from my sentence!



                        Dang, Damaris, when did you get so fast?  Smile



                        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                          In the Winter I do 3 out of my 5 weekly runs on the treadmill.  I work full-time, and have 2 school-age kids, so the only way for me to get my run is to go the gym, the kids go in childcare and get on the treadmill. DH works out at 6am each morning, and I'm not going to get up at 4am to run outside! I actually don't mind the treadmill most of the time, even though running outside will always be better.  On the treadmill I can run next to my friend (who also needs the child care option), if it's a long run I'll bring along the ipad and watch a movie.  The rest of the year many of my runs are done on a 1/2 mile loop around our town rec. fields while my kids have sports practice, so I am used to monotony. Wink

                          As others have said, those options beat not running at all, I'll take what I can get, and try to make the best of it.  I don't mind what others think, I'm slower than most anyway, if I worried about what others thought of my running I probably would have given up months ago! Joking

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                            I would have to have a large screen t.v. in front of me playing either "Spirit of the Marathon", or any of the Rocky movies. I can do 3 miles on a TM, but any further is just insane to me without some sort of distraction in front of me.

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                              I ran for an hour outside last night. It was 18 degrees. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but at least I wasn't bored.

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                                Only on the TM does it get so easy.  Although it was a sub 2 hour marathon.  Apparently, I was starving and ate the 2 from my sentence!


                                You must still be hungry, because you ate the half this time.

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