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People amuse me. (Read 223 times)

    People still think that running will make a woman's uterus fall out? Please. A man's testicles are more likely to detach.


    Good thing I always wear compression shorts, not taking any chances!


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      Good thing I always wear compression shorts, not taking any chances!


      That only happens to guys who don't wear jocks.


        Well if it helps, I am a doctor who runs and my uterus hasn't fallen out yet.


        We have two types of people in my family: runners and obese diabetics.  I prefer to remain in column A, thankyouverymuch.


          You get this shit because you are a runner.


          If you had another hobby, you would get different shit.   Well, actually, it would be the same kind of shit, just different details.


          It'll be ok.  It seems to be human nature to poke others.  Healthy or otherwise.


          Today I learned that running causes cancer.  I just smiled.  If I was a concert pianist, I'm sure I would have learned that is somehow wrong too.  (but it is fun to snicker at 'pianist'.)


          Be mighty careful, my friends.




            "You know, running can make your nipples bleed"

              I had my labs drawn for the first time last summer.  My doctor said, what are you doing because I want to do that because my labs do not look as good as yours.  At the time I wasn't eating that great.  I attribute it all to running.  I have wonky joints anyway and have never had any major issues.


                Most people bore me...

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                  I love when people tell me "I wouldn't run unless someone was chasing me!" haha, that's so funny. I usually glance at their rear ends and say, "Looks like something is chasing you now." Of course, that's considered rude. (don't care)


                    My mother, though not overweight and always fairly fit, just doesn't understand why I want to exercise.  I started doing pushups to try to develop SOME upper body strength and she asked why I was doing them.  Trying to make it sound practical, I told her that stronger arms would help my golf swing.  "Oh, so you're going to quit running and start playing golf?"  Though I've been playing golf for 13 years, I replied--trying NOT to sound sarcastic, "No, I'm going to do both."  Perplexed, she was.

                      I can't blame people for believing that running destroys your knees. I believed that too before I started running and reading about running, although I was always active and always admired runners. You just hear it so often, and there's usually no one around to tell you it's wrong unless you hang out on running forums. Even some other things, like heart attacks, I can understand. You hear about that on the news and if you don't actually care enough about running to look into it, you might think it's common.


                      But cancer and falling uteri? That's just stupid.


                      I don't really care what people think. It does seem that a lot of people I know think it's crazy to actually exercise. That is absolutely their loss, not mine.


                         The ones that open their mouth are unhappy  with their situation and are envious of our dedication to health. My two cents.


                        Nah.  They really do think you are stupid.  That's what I used to think every time I saw some idiot running in the rain or the freezing cold or on a 95 degree day.

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