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    That's so sad. I thought the same as Buelligan when I saw the title. I knew she was from Sydney and since I go there regularly had hoped to one day meet her. I noticed she hadn't been active on RWOL for a while. RIP Suzilea.



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      I've often wondered how I would know if one of my online friends passed away.  I have so many of them that I feel so incredibly close to.  This is so sad, and although I didn't know her very well, it breaks my heart to read about Suzanne's passing.  Internet hugs to everyone.

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        I was thinking about her a few weeks ago. She was such an integral part of the Penguins. A very positive person.

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          Suzie was a bright spot in all our days. RIP Suzie. 


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            Oh, Suzie... rest in peace. She was such a sweet person.

              This makes me so sad. Such a wonderful lady. I knew her from the dailies and she was the queen of personals. She never left anyone out. I just thought she hadn't been around much due to school and her writing commitments. Thanks for sharing.

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                That is so sad.


                  I am so sorry to hear that, she was so sweet.  She will definitely be missed.  RIP Suzie.


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                    Oh No. That is so sad.



                      She fought the good fight and while doing so made of ton of friends.  She won. 

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                        This is so sad.  She was always so happy, nice and encouraging.  In the dailies, she was relentless at personals.  

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                          Oh, this is awful news.  Sad  I am very sorry to hear this.  I remember when I first joined the RW forums and started posting in the dailies, Suzie was the first one to welcome me and make me feel like part of the community.  She always had something positive to say and was such a friendly person.  She will be missed. 



                            I cried for the first time in a long time after I was informed of her passing away. I always felt sorry for her, because she was given a tough deal in life. But she never let it show that she felt sorry for herself. There was a lot to learn from her. I will miss her.

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                              I'll miss Suzie.

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                                This is so sad. She was always so upbeat in her posts, truly an inspiration.

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