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Squidward Bike Rider

    Figured I'd post this here in case anyone needs it.  Can we get this sticky'd?  Thanks.


    Susan,Queen of the Crocs

      Thank you for posting this, and thanks to our mod for stickying it.  Much appreciated. 


        Yay, there's our Susan!  Big grin


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        Not a dude

          Is Bob still running this? I posted my miles under available today. Smile

          Susan,Queen of the Crocs

            Actually Huenix runs the website.  Bob in Pittsburgh and I do most of the day to day administrative stuff.   Flippy, you will probably have a new team either this week or next. 


            Hi, She Can!



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                Has Bob in Pittsburgh made it over here yet? 

                Susan,Queen of the Crocs

                  Not that I'm aware of...