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MILES GAME Nag List 02/19/13 (Read 39 times)

Susan,Queen of the Crocs

    <caption>Missing Runners</caption>
    UsernameMissing Weeks
    jon1331 (4midable) 1
    lisa579 (4midable) 1
    runningviolamom (4midable) 1
    runnva (4midable) 1
    slongbrake66 (4midable) 1
    ZackCB (4midable) 2
    Clotorun (Corredores) 1
    Nuinta (Corredores) 1
    Texastiger (Corredores) 2
    kentuckian (Free Agents) 1
    mo'miles (Free Agents) 1
    ravenclawprefect (Free Agents) 1
    tessasnewlife (Free Agents) 1
    KayPS (Happy Feet) 1
    scotpiper (Happy Feet) 1
    MA runner girl (Hillkillers) 1
    tinari (Hillkillers) 1
    AmiK (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    battman (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    ingles (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    joe_hester (Kickin' Asphalt) 2
    runslikeagrandma (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    ThaGoldStandard (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    TR_Penguin (Kickin' Asphalt) 1
    Jay.D. (Luckylegs) 1
    onemileatatime (Luckylegs) 2
    tundrasusie (Luckylegs) 3
    TXDiversMom (Luckylegs) 1
    zomak (Luckylegs) 3
    eb (M.R.T.) 3
    LikeHoney (M.R.T.) 1
    runs w/ scissors (M.R.T.) 3
    Slymoon (M.R.T.) 2
    stupidlazydog (M.R.T.) 2
    GoesTo11 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    Hddave (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    makk98 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    bounce76 (Pavement Pounders) 1
    lilac_jive (Pavement Pounders) 1
    running_crew_dawg (Pavement Pounders) 1
    SgtMojo (Pavement Pounders) 1
    SpartanFan04 (Pavement Pounders) 1
    Earthtokarmen1 (Phoenix Rising) 3
    NJRunnerGurl (Phoenix Rising) 1
    twogees (Phoenix Rising) 2
    superjaydee (Sole Train) 1
    troy41 (Sole Train) 1
    brutemis (Triple Digits) 1
    KristiRTT (Triple Digits) 1
    mmgage (Triple Digits) 1
    rkymtnanna (Triple Digits) 1
    wshealey (Triple Digits) 1

      Thanks for posting this!  I completely forgot to post this week.  Done now, so sorry.

      Susan,Queen of the Crocs

        Thanks for posting this!  I completely forgot to post this week.  Done now, so sorry.


        No need to apologize.  That's why I post the nag list each week-to remind people who haven't posted yet.  Thanks for posting your miles!

        Don't call me Buttercup!

          Thanks for keeping us honest! ;-)

          Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


          Jess runs for bacon

            Posted, can't believe it's wednesday already.